Between maltese and shih tzu

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Basically, my mum wanted a dog that's
1st - calm and not so active
2nd - flat nosed (not so pointy)
3rd - obedient
4th - small sized for apartment
5th - easily toilet trained

We own a Pomeranian,
it is SOOOOO hyper active frown

So anyways, we're stuck between
a maltese and shih tzu. Which would
best suit these criteria do you guys

I require your expertise.

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If she wants "easily toilet trained" she's probably better off not picking any small breed! laugh out loud

All joking aside, I think both of those breeds are strong candidates for the traits you have outlined. Really going to have to have patience with the potty training though. It can take some smallies a year to physically develop proper control of their bladder and bowels. Just really be consistent!

I think that you will find in terms of personality, the Maltese will be both a bit calmer and just a bit moodier. More tending to be shy or one-personish and will need good socialization so he or she doesn't become a scaredy-cat or a tyrant. On the other side of the scale, a Shih Tzu will be friendly to everybody.

I know more about Shihs and am slightly biased towards them, so you might want to hear from some Maltese lovers before making the final call but I really think a Shih Tzu is just a great little dog. They waggle everything on their way to greet all new people. Everybody in the world is their Long Lost Best Friend. They make you vain because they like people so much. They're so dear. Lively but not overly rambunctious. Be careful where you go becaue the BYBs have got hold of them hard and there are loads of poor specimens to be found, but if you're going the rescue route, the rescue can find one for you whose already established personality is just the right fit, or if you are going the breeder route there ARE reputable breeders out there, you just have to dig for them!

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Gotta agree that small dogs do tend to be harder to housetrain (there was a thread about this in the Small Dogs forum you can look up), mostly because of smaller bladders that develop later, and also because the house looks much bigger to them and it's a longer walk to wherever you do want them to potty.

If you want a dog who's naturally calm and housetrained, by the way, you should look for an adult. I have NEVER heard of or seen a calm puppy!

All that said, I'm going to oppose Eppy for a moment here and say that while both are great dogs, I think you should go for the MALTESE!

A good Maltese is a perpetually happy, playful, endlessly endearing little dog who settles well and lives to be handled and loved. They're less active than a Shih Tzu generally and a little less physically sturdy. ADULT Malteses (that enough s's for you?) are sweet, calm, and loving. Well-bred, they should NOT be moody IMO, though they do enjoy being pampered (they WERE royal dogs, after all). They're easily trained, endlessly charming, and convey a sense of satisfaction with life. They are also, moreso than Shih Tzus, quintessential lap dogs. Princesses and ladies used to carry them around on pillows (and at one time in their voluminous sleeves, I believe shock), and most don't mind that treatment today provided they get some time to chase a ball once in a while. Oh, and splash in puddles. It's as if they KNOW they are white dogs, and therefore need to get themselves dirty.

Anyway, for what you're looking for - a calm, undemanding companion - I think you're slightly better off with a Maltese, provided you can keep up with their crazy coat needs. Even in a short clip, they must be brushed. You should also be aware that they can be barky. This is a MAJOR puppy mill/backyard breeder breed, which is why you meet a lot of neurotic specimens. From a good breeder who health tests, pays attention to temperament, etc., though, they're a pure joy. So if you're set on a calm, easy-going dog, then you'll need to either do TONS of research to find a good breeder, or go with an adult with an established temperament (this is true of the Shih Tzu as well, by the way).

On the OTHER hand, though....a Shih Tzu might be a better match given the Pomeranian you already have. They're sturdier and better able to keep up with a "hyper" companion. Does your Pom like to play rough? A Maltese can be more easily injured by rough play, falling off of couches, etc. than your average Shih Tzu.

So you're on the right track with both breeds...have you tried meeting any to see which one you click with?


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Here's my 2 cents, I haven't read the other two posts, so sorry if any of it is repeats big grin
Basically, my mum wanted a dog that's
1st - calm and not so active: Shihs are pretty calm, now they can get a little hyper and will play, but most of the time they are content to just lay down and sleep with you. Cuddle up and watch a movie or they will go for a walk with you, although you do have to be very careful in heat and cold. Gizmo is WAY more hyper than Sasha is, although now that she is on a different diet she has loads more energy. Maltese are a bit more energetic, at least the ones that I have seen.
2nd - flat nosed (not so pointy) - Check on the shihs being flatnosed smile
3rd - obedient - Shih Tzus are notoriously stubborn laugh out loud. BUT once you get their attention they are quick to learn, you just have to make it worth their while. My pups listen GREAT, we did have to work with Gizmo on his recall, but its because he is friendly and wants to visit the whole neighborhood laugh out loud
4th - small sized for apartment - Again shihs are great here.
5th - easily toilet trained : I know that people say small breed dogs are hard to house train, but my 2 were easy to houstrain shrug. We crate trained Gizmo, so that helped. But consistency is HUGE with them, its important with any dog, but small breeds more so, IMO. We haven't had an accident in my house since Gizmo was probably 4 months old cloud 9.

I will mention that some Shihs Tzus are prone to allergies, I was so lucky as to get one. We have had issues from day one with her skin issues and ears, with the Raw diet and special shampoo they are undercontrol. Also, you have to pay attention to their ears, make sure to clean them every so often. Grooming is a HUGE thing with Shihs, they have that long beautimous coat, that is absolutely annoying laugh out loudWe keep Gizmo in a puppy cut, because his fur is so thick, Sasha we keep long most of the time, but we have to brush them daily so they don't get mats, we blow dry them after a bath, have to make sure to get no water in their ears and that they are dry. If you want to keep them in a puppy cut then you usually take them every 4-6 weeks, so you need to find a groomer that you are comfortable with.
Hope I helped you with your decision a little, I am a little biased though as I love my Shihs more than anything. They are truely my heartbreed cloud 9.

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Either would probably fit you. I have been around both breeds as I am a dog groomer. Almost all of the Shih Tzu I groom are bad tempered. We get a ton of Shih Tzu. They are really over bred here, and a lot come from bad breeding. If you went to a reputable breeder then you could probably find a nice tempered Shih Tzu. They are more sturdy than Maltese. We only have a few Maltese in my area. They are delightful little dogs. cloud 9