difference between Pit bull and American Bulldog?

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My friend has an American Bulldog. My neighbor has an American Bulldog. They look nothing alike! My friends dog looks like a pit bull and my neighbors dog looks like an oversized beagal.

I googled American bulldog the pictures look almost like pit bulls... How do i tell one from another???

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Interestingly enough, I get similar things of my dog, a beagle. It's rare to see the taller beagle that I own but when people see her, they say she's a mix or a very short Fox Hound. She's neither. She's a purebred beagle.

While the internet is a great place to look for pictures of dogs, sometimes you only see the "standard" look of the breed and never the different varieties they come in or can have. Again, with my beagle...how many pictures can you find of the taller kind? Perhaps they do both have bull dogs. There are a few bulls who look exactly like my old Pit did...lol but then again I could be wrong and one of those owners got the slip.

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Okay, I am by no means a bully expert, but here are some photos that might show the difference...

Am. Pit Bull Terrier...

Am. Pit Bull Terrier puppy...

Am. Bulldog bitch....

Am. Bulldog male....

Like I said, I'm no expert, so I'll leave it to others to discuss temperament and things less obvious than looks... laugh out loud


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A lot of things can make it difficult to tell between an APBT and an American Bulldog. One is that a "pit bull type dog" can look like anything from small (30 lbs) and lean to big and stocky. There could certainly be APBT/American Bulldog mixes around to add to the confusion.

Secondly, there are two "Types" of American Bulldogs: Johnson and Scott.

Some American Bulldog Info

Although they may look similar, American Bulldogs and American Pit Bull Terriers have different backgrounds and can have very different temperaments. ABs tend to be more skilled as guard dogs and can be more aloof with people (but not always, I know some ABs who are total people lovers).

Interesting PS: Ian Dunbar has a Scott Type American Bulldog named Dune.

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If you're going by standards, they are very different dogs in looks.

AB are bigger boned, taller, and with big ol' heads for the most part.

Pitties are shorter, thinner, and with "wedge" shaped heads. From what I've seen, American Bulldogs tend to be in the 70-80 pound range, while American Pit Bull Terriers are more in the 40-50 pound range.
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Pit bulls are not technically a breed recognized at least by the AKC. So a lot of breeds can get lumped into the pit bull category. Lots of pit bulls are mixes so you will get a little bit of some other types of dogs in there. For example Sienna is part Glen of Imal terrier and dachshund.

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Exactly what Marlo said. Diesel is an American Bulldog from the Johnson lines. AB are usually a lot bigger than most pit bull breeds (am Staff, Staffie...) for example Diesel is about 90lbs while his dad is 100lbs. They range from about 22in - 26in tall and anywhere from 70lbs - 130lbs. The Scott line can sometimes be confused with the pit bull because their muzzles are a little bit longer than the Johnson side and they are a bit smaller in stature. But like Marlo said as far as history pit bulls and AB are not related. Some lines of pit bulls include ABs but that is because they were looking for larger beefier dogs. ABs temperments are generally proctective but also very gentle with those they know.

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Oh and also i have started to notice that there is starting to be some confusion with the American Bully and the American Bulldog just due to the name of the breeds.

American Bully is basically a juiced up short version of a pit bull


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As others have said, generally American Bulldogs are bigger. According to the ADBA, the American Pit Bull Terrier does not exceed 75 lbs, whereas American Bulldogs tend to weigh a minimum of 70 lbs. American Bulldogs are also generally stockier and wider with larger heads than American Pit Bull Terriers. American Bulldogs were and are also used and bred for guarding a lot more than the APBT has ever been. American Pit Bull Terriers may be more likely to exhibit prey drive as well.

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My neighbor has a mix between the two that is SO CUTE! He's a rescue and he's the coolest dog ever.

I don't know that much about him, other then he seems to be ok with Harper, and he lives with a Boston Terrier, who is equally adorable.