Macy: Whippet/Black Lab mix OR Greyhound/Black Lab mix?

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Barked: Sun Aug 15, '10 10:30pm PST 
Macy is from the dog rescue I volunteer with.

Macy is a small girl, she only weighs 30-35 pounds. She is Black in color with a White patch on her chest. She is fairly tall and lanky and fairly lean, but is at a good weight. She loves kids and can be bossy with other dogs. She is very sweet and is up there with the top sweetest and most loving dogs 4 Paws Rescue has. She is 2 or 3 years old and should be at her adult height and weight. She can be somewhat shy in new situations. She has really small rose ears?? (I think they call them that). She also has a Gold patch of hairs on the side of her neck. We thought she got that from somesort of Shar Pei ancestory, but we are not sure.

I'm thinking she is a Whippet/Black Lab mix OR a Greyhound/Black Lab mix, considering her lankyness and her rose ears. What breeds do you think she is?? Thank you!! smile

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Barked: Mon Aug 16, '10 8:51am PST 
She is gorgeous!! My Ty is a Whippet x Lab and i do pay particular interest to anyone who has/knows of the same cross.

I definitely think Macy has Whippet in her but i'm not so sure about the Lab. She does have a bully type head and/or even maybe Shar Pei. I know here a popular cross of the Whippet or Greyhound is a Bull Terrier type breed not sure whether that would be the same over there? If you're not sure of her mix though you can always list her as a Lurcher because technically that's what she is wink
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I agree with Tyler. I definitely think Whippet, though I am not sure of lab. She does have a bully head to me as well. Layla is a Whippet mix as well and I am not sure of the other half so, as far as I am concerned she is a Lurcher as well cheer