Differences between Toy, Miniature, Standard Poodles?

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Barked: Mon Mar 15, '10 10:42pm PST 
The Poodle forums are divided up by Poodle size so I figured I'd ask this here instead.

Other than the obvious size differences, is there much difference between the three Poodles, or are they exactly the same dog in different sizes? How do they vary in terms of personality, health, etc.?

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Barked: Mon Mar 15, '10 11:46pm PST 
Miniature Poodles - Unstable temperaments, needs extensive socialization, emotionally sensetive, lots of grooming, bark a lot, prone to many major health problems

Standard Poodles - Needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, very bouncy, needs a lot of socialization, lots of grooming, barks a lot, prone to many serious health problems

Toy Poodles - Unstable temperaments, needs a lot of socialization, emotionally sensetive, lots of grooming, barker, prone to many major health problems

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Barked: Tue Mar 16, '10 12:58am PST 
Miniature Poodles are my favorite. Not too big, not too small! Miniature poodles are clever and lively household companions, adaptable to their environments and are fairly easy to train—it’s no surprise that they were once very popular circus dogs. They have a few instinctual habits, like marking and hunting, which may be noticeable on walks or around the yard. I also like Standard Poodles. Toys are my least favorite of the three sizes. Overall, they are eager to please and a lot of fun to be around. When you’re not home, they protect it like their personal domain, barking at the sign of any approaching stranger (making them a surprisingly effective watch dog). They have steady temperaments, clean habits and bright shiny faces.


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Barked: Tue Mar 16, '10 4:54am PST 
Whoa whoa whoa, Eve. That is a LOT of breed bias going into one little post!
I don't know WHAT poodles you have met but what you said may be true of a few badly bred, badly trained poodles (and all other dogs) but you obviously have not met many poodles.confused Have you owned a poodle? A well bred one? Are you a groomer, a trainer?

As to differences in size:
Toy- Toys are a little bit ... less boisterous than other sizes. They are just as smart, just as loving in a tiny package.

Miniatures Slightly more sedate than the standard, more boisterous than the toy. These guys can be mischevious, as can the toys.

Standard- My favorite for last! Standards were working dogs and some of them remember that. Poodles are often referred to as humans in poodle suits and this fits best with the standards. Very empathetic dogs they make GREAT therapy dogs. They are... hardier than the other sizes.

They all have some health issues, I challenge you to find a purebred dog who doesn't. I would not say that a well bred dog is "prone to serious health issues".

Just remember, don't believe everything you find on the internet.
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Barked: Tue Mar 16, '10 10:17am PST 
way to go Props to Lola, the go to gal on Poodles!

Eve (Howard, whatever...) It would help new posters if you got your facts straight before answering a forum thread.
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Barked: Wed Mar 17, '10 5:47am PST 
Thanks, Lola....
I have toys and minis. They are EXACTLY the same in terms of everything except size. My poodles are not yappy, and their temperaments are extremely stable... the only one who has a problem is Beanie, and it is totally the result of his being reared in an abusive, neglectful puppymill situation as a baby. I have his relatives who were raised normally and they are perfect. In spite of his insecurities, he is not a yappy, biting dog... he is just more reticent to come to strangers.
All my poodles are obedience trained and live as real dogs... they walk on leashes and go camping and hiking and kayaking, just as my labs did when I was raising them.
As with any breed, the final "product" is about 80% environmental and 20% genetic. You can make a stable dog neurotic and snappy and barky, but you can also improve a dog who has some poorly bred temperament issues.
Poodles do not have any more health issues than other breeds... if your poodle is from a BYB or worse, and the parents are not tested, you can have problems. Bred from healthy, tested parents, a poodle is extremely healthy and long lived.
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Barked: Wed Mar 17, '10 8:27am PST 
Eve (Howard, whatever...)

Oh, tell me NO! Is this for real? Please shoot me! (headdesk)shrug

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Barked: Wed Mar 17, '10 4:59pm PST 
Eve, why are you being so harsh? Poodles are great! I am a groomer, so I really enjoy them. Plus Poodle hair doesn't stick to you, as much as a Shih Tzu's would. LOL

Toy Poodle: Sensitive, intelligent, dainty, loves just about everyone, though its owner is its favorite.
Mini Poodle: A good size for families, not as delicate as a Toy Poodle, smart, loves people
Standard Poodle: Big n' bouncy smile very intelligent, loves mostly everyone, yet has an air of dignity, very versatile

Poodles are great for many types of people. Gotta' love the creative grooming too! big grin One of the world's most intelligent breeds.

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Barked: Wed Mar 17, '10 5:28pm PST 
"They have steady temperaments, clean habits and bright shiny faces." I have seen this word for word somewhere elsethinking
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Barked: Wed Mar 17, '10 5:52pm PST 
Eve (Shania), Cory, and Lillie are all the same person. She/He makes fake profiles by stealing pictures of other people's dogs and apparently copies information from websites for her/his posts.
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