Extra large white long haired dog. What breeds do you think?

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The Guardian
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 1:01pm PST 

This dog was picked up as a stray and brought to the shelter. We decided to foster him b/c we just can't let him be euthed. He's huge. 30 inches at the shoulder, white with bushy long hair and curled over tail. All along his back, it's grey underneath and the tips of the hair are white. I think he definitely has german shepherd in him. He looks very gsd, especially in the face. I just can't figure out what else he's mixed with. Probably will never know, but what are your best guesses?

They say gsd and malamute but both of those dogs aren't as tall as he is. I was even wondering if he might have wolf in him b/c of his size and looks. But that sort of goes out the window b/c he has the most awesome temperament and I thought wolves or wolf mixes tend to be skittish and shy. He was also howling just a minute ago. He heard the neighborhood dogs barking and did this pitiful sounding howl, low and sad sounding.... What do you think?
Baby Girl

Single. To state- it simply.
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 1:06pm PST 
Maybe GSD and Samoyed? You'd be surprised how big some German Shepherds get. You should see my neighbors White GSD.

The Guardian
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 1:14pm PST 
Yeah, some dogs do get bigger than the breed standard.... I really wish I knew what breeds he is mixed with. I'm so curious! puppy

Misty *RIP- Mommy's- Angel*

Is that food for- me???
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 3:56pm PST 
I would guess GSD, with either Samoyed, like you said, or Great Pyrenees which would make sense with his size. Male Pyrs can get absolutely huge!! Just a guess, hope he finds a great home! puppy

I love small- dogs..
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 4:24pm PST 
I'd say a large GSD spitz mix, esp with the curled over tail thing and the look of the ears (not especially GSD like, more prick).

Like you said, dogs do exceed standards now and then. Lantis is 31" at the shoulders.. nobody told him that Dobes are supposed to be medium-sized dogs, I guess!

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Ginger- M.I.A.

my first and- finest
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 5:44pm PST 
I think he really is GSD/Malamute... there are breeders making "extra-large" oversize Mals and Shepherds (for example, show Mals are supposed to be close to 85 lbs. I saw a breeder advertising 120 lb ones.)
I have also seen "breeders" advertising mixed-breed Malamute/GSD/Siberian Husky/Wolf puppies and claiming they will mature very large.

Whose bed?? Why- would YOU think- that?
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 11:25pm PST 
I'm with the GSD/Esky group. I had a Esky/Coyote who resembled this, except she was 53 pounds and was pale strawberry blonde with a white ruff.

why are they not- all bowing?
Barked: Wed Dec 30, '09 5:56am PST 
I agree with all the previous posts haha, he is a tough one to guess on since he fits all those suggestions well .He is Georgeous! If i had more room on the couch I would want him (even though he is a boy.)wink I so hope you find him the perfect home.

OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Wed Dec 30, '09 9:10am PST 
The ears, the markings, and the howling you described makes me think Siberian Husky (with the saddleback markings I believe thats what its called). Malamute could be very possible too though.

The face, the size, and the white fluffy coat has me seriously thinking Great Pyreness!! No one else sees it?? (Besides Misty of course big grinwink)

He is gorgeous whatever he is!!!! I'm so glad you saved him! way to gocheer

The Guardian
Barked: Wed Dec 30, '09 11:18am PST 
Yeah, I thought of great pyr or samoyed or any of those white thick haired breeds. lol I read about people breeding a "giant malamute". Darn people.... He was howling again this morning. It's very different sounding than I've ever heard a dog howl. It's deep and sad sounding, he looks so much like a wolf when he's howling with his head up. Quite a sight. lol

I wish I could keep him myself, but then if I kept every one that I got attached to, I'd have 6 or 7 dogs now. lol He's got the best temperament in the world. Just this heir about him. He's down to earth and laid back but playful. He's so even tempered. I hope he finds a home too. smile

ETA- Thanks you for all your thoughts, guys!

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