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All legs and no- tail
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 12:09pm PST 
Bo, I'll take two! Maybe your perfect dogs can teach mine some lessons. laugh out loud

But really, what bothers me is that people fall for this. It's so ridiculous, I don't get how anyone could. shrug As for those breeders, they disgust me.
Zeppelin J.- Dogg, ESQ

My Genetic Color- Code is e/e,- b/b.
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 12:29pm PST 

Are your puppies going to be socialized with water, and air?
Will they like go run fast swim?

Mr. Cuddly- wuddly bear..
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 12:32pm PST 
Cha ching $$$ I am taking deposits now, 20 dog treats will hold a pup. Oh my pups also teach other dogs perfect manners and they are sociallized in water and air, are you sneaking at my kennel wink They don't jump either and the piece the resistance ( ?) They groom themselves.


Changing one- mind at a time - APBT style
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 12:34pm PST 
Oh criminy. Aren't there enough toy breeds already (in shelters, filling puppy mill cages)? I really don't get the whole turning large breed dogs into little ones phase, toy breeds and large breeds both already have enough health issues without this.

Tough Guy
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 1:16pm PST 
Some of them looked like white beagles with spots. One of them looked like a Pittie mix. That is so sad that people do this and then charge those outrageous prices shock

throw me a- frickin' bone- here

Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 1:19pm PST 
Oh Madison Marjorie, I love you and your ugly Dachshundness.

Now, for those of you out west, I happen to own the one and only Rare Russian Muttchka. She is not available for breeding, but for a small fee of $1 million I will let you have a hair of hers to clone from.

(And Miniature Dals... how sad!)

Zep - remember! Poultry! They must be given lots of... TLC?? And lots of hugs, kiss??

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Wishing For Snow
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 1:29pm PST 
They raise the puppies in a laboratory!?! It makes them sound like some sort of science experiment. Hey, wait, I guess they kinda are. shock

Work hard; Play- harder.
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 1:44pm PST 
Several look more like Chi mixes. One had a face/head more like an Italian Greyhound. I did see a blockier one, but he looked closer to JRT or Patterdale than beagle.

The good news is that they sell them all on a spay/neuter contract.
Madison Marjorie

Serenity Now
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 1:54pm PST 
They have toys and miniatures so they are probably using several dogs that are smaller.

Mississippi, awww thank youred face By the way we will be contacting you about transferring money. We are interested in being in on the cloning.wink

Thor, you might be on to something. I think you have come to a valid conclusion on how this came to be.

Grace, I have no idea how they are able to advertise them as purebred, and actually be believed. I mean they don't even look like a Dal. The prices they are asking is disgusting.

Ruger, no, no, no please no mini Danes and PLEASE no Great Dachshunds they think they are big enough as is, and I don't want to actually give them the size to do what ever they are scheming.big grin

Bo, I like the idea of a Daneputtie. What's the total asking price? You're right thought the ideas these people are coming up with have to stop somewhere, they just have to.

Zepp my good old nutty friend. You didn't find the asking prices reasonable? big laugh I think you have brought up a very important thing that many of us have either forgotten about, and don't bring up the importance of more often. That important thing is the need for proper socialization to poultry, water, and air.

Like Pippin it's really disgusting. These people and others claim they love the breed and yet this is what they do it.frown
Oni~Prince of Thieves

Unable to- respond...
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 1:57pm PST 
Did they seriously make up their own club for their dogs to be recognized by it?

I looked up the "American Breeders Club"(a certificate is pictured on the site) and that is the impression that I got since all results pointed back to them...

Whoo boy confused

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