Green Eyed Dog?

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Trust me...I'm a- beagle
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 6:08pm PST 
Not sure where exactly this should go...

I was discussing this with my family earlier on today, and spoke of how stunning a green eyed dog would look. Especially something like an emerald green.

I am not sure whether I have ever seen a dog with that colour of eyes before, or if it's even possible shrug

We just figured with the brown, hazel, and blue all being out there, there must be green!

Does anyone know if this exists? And if so, would you be able to tell us which breeds this gene seems to appear prominent in? I'd love to find some photos.

Love Changes- Everything
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 6:24pm PST 
My littermate sister Lainie has light green eyes. They are very, very pretty!:
Lainie. We are chow chow/something mixes. The rest of us had brown eyes.

Lainie's "bro" Mellow has green eyes, too! He's a husky mix.
Liwanu "Mack"

Must find the- wabbit!!
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 6:29pm PST 
*Sigh* I had emerald green eyes until I hit puberty. I'll try and find the picture. I was a gorgeous pup (I'm a handsome boy now) with my red fur and green eyes...I was really vainred face


Trust me...I'm a- beagle
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 6:50pm PST 
Thanks Loki! Woah she has stunning eyes! big grin

And Mack! big laugh I know all about vain, I live with a Border Collie, a BLONDE Border Collie! laugh out loud

But I've seen Chocolate Lab pups with really amazing green eyes! Just remembered that BOL, I guess they don't last...

I solemnly swear- that I am up to- no good
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 7:54pm PST 
My old GSP had beautiful green-gray eyes when he was a puppy. But then they turned that brown-gold once he was down growing.

I once saw a chocolate colored pit bull with striking ice blue eyes. He was gorgeous.

Gunner has golden eyes. They are quite nice. smile
Nadya Snow- White

Bring Blue- Home!!!
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 8:00pm PST 
My fur cousin is a NSDTR and Golden mix and has green eyes. They are very pretty.

Whose bed?? Why- would YOU think- that?
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 8:06pm PST 
I saw a German Shepherd in a shelter with green eyes. Her name was Jade. She was the mother of the blue-eyed Husky/Shepherd mix I bought for my daughter's birthday.
Zeppelin J.- Dogg, ESQ

My Genetic Color- Code is e/e,- b/b.
Barked: Wed Mar 12, '08 5:04am PST 
don't weims typically have either green or blue eyes?

dixie has amber eyes, which i think are gorgeous. i'm colorblind...but to me, zep's eyes look green, though my husband says they're the same as dixie's. maybe he's the one that's colorblind, lol.
HedwigGir- ★

Barked: Wed Mar 12, '08 5:41am PST 
One of my littermates had green eyes, mommy said she never saw a dog with green eyes and the breeder said that it wouldnt last very long
Bisou CGC- TDI

Boney Baloney- Face
Barked: Wed Mar 12, '08 7:15am PST 
I knew a red beagle that had green eyes. RIP Roja!
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