German Shepherd Vs. Australian Shepherd

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Barked: Thu Jan 31, '08 8:26pm PST 
So I want to get another dog. I have a German Shepherd now and I feel a certain loyalty to the breed, but every breed selector quiz I take thinks I should own an australian shepherd (that and a belgian tervuren). I love the fierce beauty and protection a German Shepherd has to offer but personality wise match better with an Aussie Shepherd... Any thoughts?

Barked: Fri Feb 1, '08 9:15am PST 
It depends on the time you have and the size of yard. Or if you are able to take the dog out every single day. Australian shepherds are very energetic and if they get bored will probably destroy something. I did a lot of research on the breed and actually decided not to get one because of the time they take. And from what I've heard they are escape artists. They take a lot of time from your day because of their energy. In my opinion the german shepherd is a much more versatile animal and if you already have one and love it to death and love the breed, than it doesn't matter what anyone else says. Don't get a dog just because a quiz or test told you to. Get the breed that you really want. Since you already have a german shepherd, and if you want another one, get one. If you want an australian shepherd, really research the breed before you decide on that.
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Honestly, it all depends on your preferences-what you have time for and what you will be willing to commit to.
But I say whatever you chose- go one www.petfinder.com and find your new pup :]
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A pet quiz selector won't tell you exactly what you need -- think of them as fun conversation starters.

Start up conversations with breeders and clubs. I support rescue 100%, but I will always discuss a breed with a resource like a breeder first.

In fact, if there are Aussie or GSD Rescues nearby they would be the perfect resource! They know the ins and outs and ups and downs of their breed, having experience with what exactly these breeds get rejected for. (In my experience, usually "too much energy" or something stupid like "barks too much".)

For example, Aussies have a habit of biting ankles. While German Shepherds tend to be overprotective. However, Aussies can excel at learning new tasks and really latch onto work like Herding and Agility. German Shepherds take their job seriously, and are steadfast and obedient - good candidates for Utility and Schutzhund.

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Thanks for the advice! I've got a while to decide yet.