help, I need a good small hiking dog

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I sniff for a- living!
Barked: Fri May 18, '07 7:19am PST 
I was wondering if anyone could suggest a smaller dog, that will be good for real long walks and hikes?

Is that ham?
Barked: Fri May 18, '07 7:35am PST 
Maybe an Alaskan Klee Kai? They're miniature Alaskan Huskies- I wants one. ^_^
Gabrielle FM

Easy, Breezy,- Beautiful...- Gabby Girl
Barked: Fri May 18, '07 8:37am PST 
You don't include how often you want to be able to hike, because often times the dogs that can handle it best need a lot of exercise. So if you can't go regularly or find other ways to exercise the dog, it might be best to get a dog that doesn't need too much exercise and leave it at home during hikes.

But if you want to go hiking regularly, I vote Australian Shepherd or a mini-Australian Shepherd if a regular Aussie is too big. But I always vote Aussie.

Good luck wink


Raw-fed and- loving it!
Barked: Fri May 18, '07 8:41am PST 
Jack Russell terrier! My absolute favorite breed... these little guys have stamina for DAYS and will probably just be getting warmed up as you FINISH the hike! High energy wonderful companions... and God forbid if they got injured on the hike and couldn't walk, it's no problem whatsoever to pick them up and carry them home! Big dog attitude in a small dog package... it really doesn't get any better than a JRT!
(I second the poster who wants a Klee Kai... I would LOVE one too! They are too adorable!)

I sniff for a- living!
Barked: Fri May 18, '07 8:43am PST 
well cash and I go hiking at least once a week, sometimes 2 or 3 depending on my schedule. But we also take really long walks that can last over an hour. So i'm looking for a smaller sized dog that will be able to keep up.

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Barked: Fri May 18, '07 10:21am PST 
I want a smaller active dog too. I want one that is friendly and doesn't chase cats. I've been looking through breeds a lot to get an idea of what I could handle. I originally thought about a Puggle, but can't find a breeder who is breeding those responsibly. There is also the Carlin Pinscher, but it is a breed in development, so not yet so predictable in temperament.

I have lately stumbled across the idea of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a larger one, and thought maybe I'd throw that idea your way. Cavalier Rescue USA has a good site if you want to rescue.


Cairnattitude - My Way!!
Barked: Fri May 18, '07 10:27am PST 
Cairn terriers love to take long walks, and they were bred to climb over the rocks/cliffs of Scotland.

Where's my- Tiara?

Barked: Fri May 18, '07 10:30am PST 
BOth mine are extremely good hikers. We regularly hike a 5-mile trail, which is about the limit for my dachshund, but my little cocker spaniel could seriously go all day long.

Gretta weighs 23 lbs (as of Saturday!), but with her long legs and hunting dog heritage really has the stamina for that sort of thing. So you may look at cockers!
Mocha Bear- (Mokie),- VGG, KPA,

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Barked: Fri May 18, '07 10:31am PST 
Maybe not an Aussie then...I have a couple of friends (and Mocha's teacher as well) that own Aussies, and they need excercise pretty much every single day, probably for about an hour or more if possible.

They're made to work 10-12 hour days of farming/herding, etc., so it's difficult to meet their energy level. If you do go with an Aussie, you might need to "supplement" those walkies with an agility class, or if they're available in your area (unfortunately, they aren't around here) herding classes!
Callie NPC,- DBE, STCH,- LP1, CR

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Barked: Fri May 18, '07 10:50am PST 
Have you considered a beagle or basset?
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