A Story About A Pet Store Pup...

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Barked: Mon Dec 18, '06 2:59pm PST 
About 3 1/2 years ago i graduated from high school and wanted a pup for my gift (i was not planning on college) He is now my mothers dog... because well, we all know dogs choose who they want to stay with when one moves! Anyways, back to when i first got him!

So... we went to a pet store not knowing the truth about them! What brings this up? Today we had something happened that had to do with him being a pet store pup and i want to share his life of hardship with anyone who is thinking of getting a pup from a pet store!

Buster is now almost 4 years old and when we first got him he was the marked down "rat terrier" that was already 6 months old and no one wanted! Well, i feel in love with him! When we bought him all the problems started first he had running eyes due from living in not so good conditions and he had mites! When we took him to the pet stores vet.. they told us "oh he doesnt mites don't worry about it" well right after that we went right over to ours low and behold he did! So we got rid of that... Then it turns out he also had a case of mange (sp)! We also found out that he has no rat terrier in him... actually he's a whippet or whippet mix!

Well... when he turned 1 year he could no longer walk on cement, his nails never got to grow strong because he lived in a cage for the first 6 months of his life... Once he's on cement they break and bleed (no matter how short we keep them) Today when we went to the dog park he had to walk on the cement to the park and he broke two of his nails right there... they bled and he cried in horrible pain! As we got back in the car with Pugsley and him i looked at him and told myself... This is why we can't buy from pet stores! Though i love him and my dog Buddy dearly even if they did come from a pet store... Look how he is because of it, i mean he can't even walk on cement!

I do not look down on anyone who buys a pet store puppy... But all i am asking is please please think about it... Though they do need a home, sometimes i really think it's better to wait till there at a rescue! Its such a lose, lose...

Sorry if i'm rambling and i dont make any sence... I just had to say something!

Moral of this non-sense? Please rescue or go to a good breeder!

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That's so sad, Pugsley. But I'm glad Buster at least has a loving home. But it sure must be no fun for him to have medical conditions, and poor thing--about not being able to walk on cement. That's awful.

Please, please everypup, don't buy puppies or kittens from pet stores. The puppies and kittens there do look sweet and sad but buying them only reinforces the pet stores to sell even more. So many of the dogs for sale in pet stores have health and behavioral problems because they come from puppy mills.