Looking for English Bulldog breeders near Toronto

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Barked: Mon Dec 18, '06 9:43am PST 
Hi all! I am pleased to announce that my Aunt Bonnie is getting married next June! She and her husband-to-be have decided that they do not want children. Instead, they have chosen to adopt an English Bulldog puppy to raise as their child.
We know they have a lot going on with planning their wedding, so we want to get a head start on helping with this most-important of all life-changes.
Can anyone recommend a good English Bulldog breeder in or near Toronto?

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Barked: Mon Dec 18, '06 10:15am PST 
By the way, she isn't looking for a pup right NOW, but after she is married next June. It still doesn't hurt to start looking... (Mommy is sort of thinking of an advance payment on the dog as a wedding gift. They already live together, so the wedding is more a "formality" than a major life change, so the new puppy would fit right in, without undue stress).

And yes, we are looking for breeder puppies, not rescues. Not that we have anything against rescues, but she wants to "raise" her baby, and this breed only has an average lifespan of 10 years. If you know of rescues that may have pups available from time to time, you could suggest them as well - but we are looking for breeder guarantees and a healthy pup essentially.

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Not sure about Canada...but when we were looking for a bulldog puppy, we contacted a local AKC breed-club and they were incredibly helpful.

I can't stress enough the importance of going to a reputable breeder....Watch our for breeders from Russia (or anywhere overseas)...also be very wary of breeder who will "ship" a puppy to you. I have heard horrible stories of excited folks having their hearts broken after receiving a very sick puppy.

Ask the breeder LOTS and LOTS of questions....Expect LOTS and LOTS of question in return from the breeder.

Are your Puppies Registered?
Do you have the litter Registeration forms now?
Do you have a Pedigree available for me to see or have.
How Long have you been breeding Bulldogs? (if only a short period of time, from where or whom did you learn about bulldogs?)
How many litters have you raised?
Are the father or mother on your premises for me to see? (you should see at least the mother)
Have your pups been check for entropian?
Are you a member of any recognized Bulldog clubs?
What food are you feeding the pups?
Where does the breeder keep his Bulldogs, Inspect their living conditions.
Do you have a sales and/or breeders contract?
What type of health guarantee do you offer?
Do you provide some type of "Care Package of Instuctions", to help me care for my new puppy?
How is the puppy being sold, Limited or full registration, and/or a spay/neuter contract?
Do you have a record of the shots, med's, Vet visits, etc., that the pups have had?

These questions should be asked and answered to your satisfaction. The same will apply to the breeders questions to you.

Sorry if I ramble on and on......Please PMail me if you have specific questions.

Good Luck smile


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Barked: Mon Dec 18, '06 10:50am PST 
Wow! That is a very useful list to have; Mommy is going to copy and paste it into a Microsoft Word document, so she can save it for later. You have given us lots of information, and Mommy is glad, because she has never dealt with breeders before! She is going to be very careful in looking, and does not want someone to ship a puppy. She thinks its mean. This is why she is trying to locate a breeder as near to where her sister lives as possible.
Thank you so much!