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im the law of my- mommies house
Barked: Sun Dec 17, '06 6:23pm PST 
i love scotty dogs my mom has had a scotty terrier for over almost 20 yrs and she got me hooked on the breed there so cute and adorable mine just kisses my neck when i say mackie do you want a bath its the cutest little thing i just love my scotty love to all shelly
hi all my name is mackie i am a cute 7 yr old scottish terrier i love makeing new friends even though i bark its because i dont know you but i never bite my mommy would have my hide i love my mommy and daddy they raised me to be a sweet loveing dog but the worst toy they can bring home are those huge helium balloons i bark so much at them any whoo i hope we can have a woofing big time here love mackie dootles