second dog ?

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I'm sure this has been asked before but ...
I'm thinking of getting Molly a sibling and I've got a couple of questions. 1st, I've always heard you should get a dog that's younger then your current dog - is that an absolute rule ? there are alot of adult dogs @ our rescue league (3-4 yrs) that sound like they'd be a great match for our family, but i worry about the age thing.
2nd - would it be better to get a dog with a similar personality or an oposite personality from Molly - she's a goof, full of energy but pretty independent. would it be better to get a terrier type doggy that would probably match her personality or go another route ? I know each dog is different and there are no hard and fast rules, i'd just like some input - thanks !

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I would imagine that people suggest getting a younger dog than the one you already have now so that there are not any territorial/dominance issues between the two ... or at least if there are issues, adult dogs are pretty lenient towards pups so the issues could be minimized. I'm sure this isn't a hard and fast rule, though. If you find an adult dog that you are interested in, then maybe arrange a meeting between Molly and the new dog. If they get along fine, then it probably won't be too big of a problem introducing the older dog to the family.

And if you are willing to take an older dog in, then that is fantastic! They are so much more difficult to find homes for, as everyone wants a puppy, so the poor adult dogs don't stand a very good chance in a rescue situation.

As for the personality, I would suggest the a similar answer to the age question. If the dog is something that you can handle, a personality that you enjoy, and gets along with Molly, then there is no rule that says you must get a dog of the same or a different personality type.

Good luck!!

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That's kind of what i'm thinking Gio - it'll depend on the dog. I would like to get an adult dog.
I'm just now thinking of getting another dog so i'm trying to get some info. We're babysitting my sisters dog next month so I think that'll be a good test to see if Molly would enjoy having another dog in the house - she loves dogs, but it may be different once she has to share me with another dog !
Thanks for the reply !

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I think sometimes getting an adult is easier as you already know their temperament so there may not be as many surprises i.e. you want a calm dog and the calm pup grows up to be a speed demon! smile Good luck with your 2nd but be careful you may end up with 4 like us.....they become addictive!

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Age doesn't really matter. Some suggest it because say if your dog is dominant* it will be a whole lot easier for it to accept it and not have face offs(*some people think their dogs are dominant though they really are just rough so you have to watch terminology). If you find a dog that you like at your rescue I would follow that path. Especially since older dogs have a more difficult time finding homes. I would match personalities to an extent. You don't want an active dog jumping all over a old dog that just wants to sleep. If the active dog knows how to respect the likes of other dogs then it really wouldn't matter though it would be nice for the active dog to have a play mate. Do a visit before adoption or maybe you could ask to foster first.

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Hi Molly!
When we got Jack we weren't exactly looking for another dog. He's a failed foster! Anyways, we got everything people say "not" to get- He's older than Parker- he's about 3-4, whereas Parker is 17 months. They're both male and they have similar personalities. They're both bossy. Sure, that meant some arguments (not fights, just loud noises, mostly when they weren't near eachother, or occasionally some face smacking) at the beginning, but now they get along incredibly well. They both love to greco- roman wrestle, and they both have separation anxiety (fun!!).

My point- I think it depends on the individual dog rather than "shoulds/ shouldn'ts". Jack came from a (literal) BYB situation where he was a stud dog and lived in a backyard his whole life. Parker is teaching him about the "go potty" command, and super- socialized Parker is helping Jack get over some of his fears. On a side not, I love having 2 boys because when one goes potty the other goes right on top of them! Much easier when it's like 10 degrees outside!

Back to my point. It takes some adjustment, like any new relationship, but it mostly depends on the individuals. Good luck!!
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"On a side not, I love having 2 boys because when one goes potty the other goes right on top of them!"

I BOL'ed.

Do whatever you want with age. I actually believe it's easier to adopt an adult. It is more difficult short-term, in that they all ready know who they are and everyone has to figure out their status right now. But then that's it. They do know who they are, and you won't be getting any surprises. A puppy may fit in easier for a while, but they are going to grow up. Then you have the whole process of them figuring out who they are, in addition to the rest of the pack adjusting.

Same with personality... You have to figure out how and if you want your dogs to interact. I do know people who have dogs that never see eachother. I think what it comes down to is, are you getting this dog because you want a certain type of dog, or because you generally want a playmate for your first dog?

If you're looking for a playmate, look to your first dog for answers. Aussies match Vance perfectly in playstyle, but he couldn't really care less about them. He prefers big, stocky gaurd dogs. Belle didn't care at all, as long as it was male and groveling. But if you want a certain type of dog for yourself, just go with it. Most of the time, pack mates come to love eachother. Even if it takes a while and they aren't really the best of friends, they are family.

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I like the idea of having double of all the animals i have. I have never been on for solitude. Dogs naturally like to have company and mates. We got Houdini in April of 06' he was approx. 9 weeks old. Then we were supposed to get another in May but since Houdini was still a puppy we waited until late July to get LuLu. When she was 8 weeks old. I have had other dogs before i always thought it was good to go younger then the oldest dog. It really does reduce dominance issues, as well as helping to get a new puppy or dog housetrained.