English Bulldogs

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Mommy has always wanted an english bulldogs or bullmastiff. She has eliminated bullmastiffs becuase she heard they dont like other dogs, on this website and other places. Before she got each of us she was looking into english bulldogs. Daddy has promised mommy a bulldog in a year or two. She has her heart set on one. Mommy would like a boy who will be neutered right away. Her question is are bulldogs generally good wiht other dogs. I and my siblings are all very sweet and friendly. My brother Norbert ocassionally disciplines very active puppies, like a siberian we puppy sat, just by growling or knocking them down, but he has never bitten or been agressive. Mommy brings home puppies from the vets office she volunteers at occasionally to watch for the weekend and we get along great with them. Mommy is wondering if anyone here has a english bulldog with other dogs and if you think an english bulldog will fit into a family wiht lots of other dogs, like ours.
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I have a older chihuahua sister and we get along great. I was a pup when I came to live with my mom and dad so I was just a little larger than my chi sister. As I got bigger my chi sister would have to snip at me to get me to be a little more gentle when playing. I learned very well. Now when we play I just lay down so we are more on the same level. I even do that when I first meet larger dogs at the dog park... lol. I also do very well with my human brothers who are 4 and 6.

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Otis loves other dogs (and cats). The only issue we have had is other dogs not understanding or misinterpreting Otis' facial features. He has been bitten several times by other dogs.

That said, I think that some bulldogs can be dog aggressive. It really depends on the breeding and training. Early socialization is very important. We brought Otis everywhere with us when he was young....He experienced dogs and people of all shapes and sizes.

Pawmail me if you have specific questions smile
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Brodie is about 5 months old. We got him when he was 2mos and I had the same worries b/c I already had a 1.5 yr old mini dachshund (male) and a 1 year old scottie (female). I didn't know how it would work out but so far it has been great (except for his stubborness on the potty training!)
Allee, my scottie and Brodie play together constantly and Brodie never ever gets mad or anything. Every now and then my small doggies will growl at him if they are chewing or playing with something, but he never does. He is very laid back.
I was hesitant about getting a bulldog but now that i have him i wouldn't trade him for anything. But, let me warn u they are a handful as pups. My bully gets into things and stuff that the other 2 dogs never even thought about!

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I am the youngest (and newest addition) to our LARGE family. I have a 9 year old Husky/Ausssie Shep sister, a 3 year old German Shep brother, and 2 cat sibling - and we all do very well together (ok, one of the cats I love to torment, but she tries to steal my bed so what do you expect?!?). I've played had 4 different playdates with other dogs over the past couple of weekends (from boxer puppies to a full grown American Staff) and there hasn't been one problem. Bullies can be a handful and are quite expensive so make sure to do the research to learn as MUCH about the breed as possible.
Good luck!!!

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I don't know much about English Bulldogs (we know more on the French side of things) but did want to say thank-you to you for doing your research on Bullmastiffs and another thank-you for realizing they're not a breed for you. I speak for the wonderful folks at the ABA (American Bullmastiff Association) Rescue when I say, "THANK YOU!" again and again!

(And P.S. We've heard great things about Southwest Bulldogs--home of Meaty!)

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