WHO ELSE HAS A DOG LIKE MINE? am i the only one?

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♥ Lilly Anna ♥

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Barked: Thu Dec 14, '06 6:59am PST 
I have never seen another dog like Lilly, ever. I picked her up out of a litter that a family had abandoned, along with the mother dog. I couldnt leave without taking at least one dog home.
So Lilly was the lucky girl!!
The mother was a mutt. There was also a white male mix pitt on the property.

The litter was huge!

Yet Lilly doesnt look anything like either parent. Im thinking she has a different father?
Im looking for other dogs who are like mine!
People are always so fascinated by Lilly, because she is so unique. She is short, long, silky silky soft (i mean silky!) with a wonderfully full curved tail, the ears of the carolina/dingo family and the bently markings and the freckles/saddle bag of the red heeler. And she is amazingly witty and smart. Learns a new cue within minutes.
Never a better doggy!

Im looking for her kind! WHO ELSE OUT THERE HAS A DOG LIKE MINE???????
Where did you get them?
Is their coat silky?
Are they short and long and energetic?
I want to learn more about this mix that I absolutely love!

Young at Heart
Barked: Thu Dec 14, '06 8:07am PST 
That is one serious mutt! What a great dog. I bet she has at least 6 different breeds in the mix! Her face is so very Cattledog/shepherd with those wonderful ears! Short body might be indicitive of corgi? The silky coat must be the real mystery, because I dont think I have ever petter a dog and thought "silky" BOL.

I think she is one of a kind.
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Barked: Sat Dec 16, '06 12:24am PST 
Definately some corgi out there!

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Barked: Sat Dec 16, '06 2:45pm PST 
Most mutts are one of a kind BOL smile That's why we are so special!
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Barked: Sat Dec 16, '06 3:06pm PST 
She looks like a cross between an Austrailian Cattle Dog and a Welsh Corgi. She has the ears and shorter legs of a Corgi and the face of a Cattle dog.