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If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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♣Koda&- clubs;

I can tell that- we are gonna be- friends!
Barked: Wed Dec 13, '06 1:27pm PST 
I think your 100% QT Pie!

Young at Heart
Barked: Thu Dec 14, '06 8:09am PST 
Of course you are mostly APBT! I see some bull terrier in the face though. And those ears are too floppy to be all pit. Do bull terriers have floppy ears like that before they stand up?

Dog is my- co-pilot
Barked: Thu Dec 14, '06 8:20am PST 
Some of us get our ears clipped to stand up, some of us our ears naturally stand up, and some of us like to put them up and down depending on how we want to wear our ears that day. Mine are mostly flipped inside out just because I get attention from pa...he hates inside out ears.

I think the floppy ears could be a beagle trait.


Roo Roo- ROOOOOOOOO.....
Barked: Thu Dec 14, '06 5:52pm PST 
I see beagle in that face! Something in the eyes and the softness of the jaw. TOO CUTE!
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