So You Think that You Want a Bulldog Puppy????

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The first thing that should be considered before you start looking at the Bulldog breed is what your expectations are from your canine companion.

If you are looking for a dog that will take a long hike with you, swim across the lake or pool (Most Bulldogs can't swim), go on field trips in 99 degree weather, jump over high obstacles, or locate and retrieve game, a Bulldog is not the best choice for you.

However, they do a great job of locating T-bone steaks out on the grill!

Bulldogs, for the most part, are laid back, and easy going. The heat is the Bulldog's worst enemy. An air-conditioned home is required if you live anywhere that summer temperatures get above the 80's. They can tolerate cold weather well, within reason of course. Bulldogs are absolutley INSIDE dogs.

Bulldogs love going for rides in the car, and sleeping at the foot of your bed, on the couch or in the easy-chair. They must have plenty of love and socialization, and will offer you the same in return.

Although Bulldogs are very alert, even when they appear to be sleeping, a Bulldog is by no means considered a guard dog.

Bulldogs will generally get along well with children, other pets and people. They enjoy being part of the family.

Bulldogs have a short-haired coat , but they do shed . The shedding will be less of a nuisance with regular brushing.

The folds and wrinkles of the face and tail area must receive DAILY care.

It is strongly recommended that you locate a veterinarian with plenty of Bulldog experience so that your dog is assured the best care for his unique anatomy.

The average life span for a Bulldog is 10 years. Of course, that depends on diet, exercise, health and other factors. They can live more than or less than 10 years.

Bulldogs are an expensive breed to acquire, the price ranging from $1500-$3000 for a good pet quality dog in most of the USA .

Beware of those selling Bulldog puppies for a few hundred dollars. You should also stay away from people trying to sell "Mini Bulldogs", Bull dogs registered with a foundation you have never heard of, puppymills, pet stores, brokers, and dogs that just don't look like they are Bulldogs. An avergae is around 2,500.00 for a good quality puppy.

Once you bring your little bully-bundle home, there is the cost to maintain the dog, an expense that will continue for the life of the dog. You very well could spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in vet bills. Although, many people only have the expense for yearly exams and "check-ups", many others form a very close relationship with their vet and see them on a pretty regular basis smile

** Major Health Concerns:
CHD, KCS, stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, shoulder luxation, internalized tail

***Minor concerns: entropion, ectropion, CHD, elbow dysplasia, cherry eye, patellar luxation

***Occasionally seen: urethral prolapse, vaginal hyperplasia

***Suggested tests: hip, elbow, knee, (eye)

***Note: It is prone to skin fold dermatitis unless the wrinkles are kept clean and dry.

***Hip radiographs show most bulldogs to be dysplastic but few show overt symptoms.

A great option for the person wanting a Bulldog, but who can't afford the up-front sum for the initial purchase, may wish to consider a rescued Bulldog. There are many local clubs, animals shelters, rescue groups and other organizations that have Bulldogs needing a second chance at life. Rescue is considered one of the best things you can do for a dog.

Also....Bulldogs will burp/fart at the most inappropriate times smile

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Thanks for the info, Otis!

Mommy's always wanted a English BullDog, but at this point in her life, it wasn't the right breed for her (as much as she didn't want to hear it). Also, our weather in NJ is so up and down, hot and humid, and and dry, cold and humid, cold and dry...

She tells people she just ended up with a different kind of Love-a-BullDog....

Just a question, how long does it take your Mom to clean your face folds? Mom's always wondered..

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Wow, thanks for this post! Mommy's sister is getting married next year. She lives in an apartment in Toronto, and has decided that she doesn't want kids. Mommy was concerned that she wants to get a dog after they are married, but she lives really, really high up! She chose a bulldog as her prospective "baby", and it seems as though it may actually be the perfect dog for them. Mommy is going to pass on the information you have provided.
The only downfall is, they don't live that long frown


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Friends of ours have bulldogs, most are from rescue. They (the bulldogs) usually sleep downstairs due to a snoring issue.
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Great post Otis! Everyone thinks bulldogs don't shed much, but boy are they mistaken! I shed tons. And I can't swim a lick! I sink like a rock... BOL! I was also extremely gassy until mom found a food that agrees with me... I'm much better now but still have a little gas. I also demand LOTS of attention! I was also the hardest dog mom has ever had to potty train! Took about 8 months!

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It took Ma 10 years to finally get me...she says I was well worth the wait (and the money, but you'll have to talk to pops about that to see if he agrees wink She also says she surprised how easy it's been to crate train me (cuz she heard it was gonna be hard), but I try my hardest for her since she's nice enough to bring me to work with her! She loves me, feeds me, takes me to the vet & Petsmart and in return I make her laugh and smile allllllll day long smile BULLIES ROCK!