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We are considering adopting a new member to our family. We are searching for a Corgi or Border Collie puppy for a Conformation/Agility/and possible herding dog. We have checked the AKC site looking for reputable breeders in our area, however we were wondering if anyone has a positive experiance with Corgi or BC breeder around the Indiana area. Any help will be appreciated!!
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Gotta love them corgis! wink

I don't live in the area, but I say congrats on the decision, I am sure it was a well informed one. Any breeder has the potential to be a good breeder, but you must look for and ask certain questions. I don't know about with collies, but certain things about us Pembrokes:

-Ask if our parents eyes and hips have been properly checked and certified. We don't have many genetic diseases, but hip displysia is among many.

-Obviously check the pedigree of the pup if you want a champion--Who has champion in thier lines! And hence bred for greatness.

-A good breeder will always ask about you, and be probing. Do you have a yard? Are you financially ina position to care for this pup for the rest of its life? How many people live in your house? Do they all WANT a puppy? Ect.

Here is a website with lots of other good questions to put your potential breeder up to!


Good luck!

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Thanks Pirate!!! We have filled out many of the breeder's quesionaires and passed them all, but we have had a previous bad experiance with a "reputable" breeder and don't want to make the same mistake again.


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Ooo, I think you should just keep Tippy! He is adorable.

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Tippy has found a new home already. We were fostering for a Border Collie rescue, and we didn't keep him because he had no interest in agility, he wasn't up to standards, and he is older. We live a busy life with our dogs taking them to classes throughout the week, he needed a slow pace life with some one there to just hold him and love on him. He wasn't happy in our type of lifestyle, he wanted to be a pet and now in his new home he is happy! Shadow also bulied him around, which was a problem.

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It's not very close to you but there's a BC rescue in Omaha, NE. I know they have a lot of border collies of all ages. Check them out!

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Thanks Riley! We work with a Border Collie rescue fostering dogs, but this time we are interested in a a dog that would met and exceeds the breed's standards, because we are interested in conformation showing. Thanks for your help everyone!

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Mom has met a few of these peoples' Corgis and they are very nice dogs:
Might be worth contacting them and seeing if they know anyone in your area.


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Unfortunately not all reputable breeders are alike (sort of a oxymoron in this case) and not all reputable breeders are considered RESPONSIBLE breeders in many cases and definitions and would depend on who's list you are going by and thier are many different ones floating around on the internet.
Some so called reputable breeders do not breed border collies unless both parents have PROVEN herding skills (they consider not considering herding ability goes against the philosphy of breeding only to better the breed) and yet will not have hips scored or other health issues verified before choosing to breed. Other so called reputable breeders will not breed dogs that have strong herding drive in order to advertise them as better or ideal for pets. Others do not take into account temperment or biddability and may not allow a dog to go to a home where it will not be in a working environment. Then there are those so called reputable breeders who will not have much of a screening for potential homes and sell them to about anyone who hands over the cash. Some reputable breeders do not have breeding clauses in thier contracts and others want total control over any breeding that goes on.
Some so called reputable breeders will not allow a pup to go to a home that does not feed,house, manage, and train a dog in a specific manner. Then there are the so called reputable breeders who breed too often (more than a litter or 2 over a few year period) and are in essence serving as a reputable puppy mill which does in fact make a profit. Some reputable breeders attempt to decieve people by guarenteeing the health of a dog when in fact that is not possible for many diseases and genetic health issues (considering breeding both parents will excellent hip xrays does not mean that the pups will be free of hip displasia problems ect...). Warrenties vary from reputable breeder to reputable breeder and some are worthless.

So in a nut shell I as someone who studies all of these issues in great depth am curious as to how someone determines what a reputable breeder is verses a responsible one in light of all the variation that exists. For example I would never buy a dog who's parents have not have hip/eye screeings and are on record and a whole host of other critera which most so called reputable breeders would never consider.

just a thought..

If you are interested here is a breeder (and does lots of rescue)close by... www.darnfar.com
They can answer all of your questions in unbiased manner which is hard to find.

good luck

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Thanks for the help Shimmer and Kenneth! We are doing our research, and this could take up to a years time for us we are very picky!