Retired racing greyhounds

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Are they hard to train?Costly?Do they need more human contact than normal dogs?Do they like cats even though they are sighthounds?And,most of all,will they have enough energy for a 2 year old Pitbull x Lab?

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I would contact a Greyhound rescue and ask them these questions, I'm sure they can give you all the pro's and cons of owning one.

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I know 2 people have have retired racing greyhounds and they seem to very very sweet well behaved dogs. I believe they are always crate trained because that is where they spend most of their time when they are not being trained or raced.
The Greyhound "Manual" - http://www.greyhoundgang.org/manual.htm
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My brother-in-law has a retired greyhound and 4 cats, they get along just fine...but this might not be the case all the time.
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I don't think they're hard to train, so much as different. Most of them have never been in a house before, although some rescues do foster programs before adopting out. They are hounds, which are notoriously stubborn. Due to their physical build, it can be difficult to convince them to sit - some never do.

I don't think they cost any more than any other large breed dog. Some I know were retired due to an injury, and they have had big medical costs when they didn't heal properly. That's something you would have to discuss with a vet and the rescue about an individual dog.

Again, I don't think they need any more attention than any other dog. If anything, they seem to be more on the independant side. Your Lab/Pitt probably requires more attention than the average Grey.

I don't have much to do with cats... I think it depends entirely on the dog. The impression I get is that most are ok with cats, as long as the cat is stationary.

I do not believe they will have enough energy for a young Lab/Pit. Most of them prefer to take a lap around the yard and follow it up with a good 6 hour nap on the bed. I also think their playstyles may clash, as Labs and Pits are both mouthy, high contact players with high pain tolerance. Greys tend to be more into agile running and pawing. They also have very thin skin, which can tear easily if things get too rough. Most of the time it's nothing serious, but it's something to consider if you're squeemish or concerned about possible medical bills.

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I've been thinking I need a "tougher" dog for Chance.How are Border Collies?(I'll probably end up getting a mixture of that and something else)

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I made a most about them entitled "Greyhounds", it's in this board somewhere, look through the previous pages

Can I suggest a Lurcher (Sighthound X Sighthound)? Like Greyhounds in looks and temperament but with bags more energy...even enough to wear out a Lab X Pit. They (are usually) easier to train than Greyhounds, just as docile in the home, but far more energetic outside. Most are at least half Greyhound so you're almost getting the full package! There is a large amount in rescue as they are commonly used for hunting.

Here's the link to my Greyhound post:
http://www.dogster.com/forums/Choosing_the_Right_Dog/thread/3 57513

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