Tell me about the American Eskimo

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I have little to no knowledge about this breed other than they are gorgoues. I was taking the eukanuba breed selector and no matter what variation of answers I gave they listed this as my best match. I am interested to find out more.

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My sister in law has taken in a young Mini Eskimo that was owned by her not so responsible teenage stepdaughter. She is an energetic little sweetheart. Fearless and fun. Need to keep her busy though, or I hear she is quite happy to get into things and disobey. She has a mind of her own and would like to be the boss. I quite like her. I know there is a lot of size variation even in the Mini's.

I read a Mini Eskimo dog review that said, "They shed a lot." I own a husky, so it really made me laugh. I guess it's all relative.

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I love the look of these dogs! I played with an 8 week old boy "mini american eskimo"...I use the term "mini" loosely. Anyway, he was barking at me and putting his butt in the air and was so small...he was sooo cute. I really love the way they look. I would love to know more about their personalities and quirks!

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Mom lived with a few Eskies for about 8 months while they she was showing them to their championships. Zues (mini) , Lacey(toy) and Crystal(toy) were all sweeties. Great lap dogs. They can be somewhat barky though. Some lines seem rather high strung also.

The smaller varieties at least are very easy to care for for grooming. They would take turns in her lap getting combed out every other night. A bath once a week and that kept them in great show coat.

Mom's favorites are the minis. A lot of the toys have a rather round buggy eye (and some associated eye issues, the worst tear staining she's seen has been on the toys). The standards are nice too, but Mom really likes the size and conformation of the minis.