Do You Think...PART 2..If you had the choice and you had to choose...

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Freeway (ADOPT HER!)

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Barked: Thu Dec 7, '06 4:50pm PST 
If you were going to adopt from a shelter, and you had your choice, of two dogs, and one was one you fell in love with, and the other one you fell in love with also, but, here is the catch...One of the dogs is trained in obedience and the other isn't...which of the dogs would you chose? Now, for Part 2!

Say you were a first time dog owner, and have no experience with dog training...how would this affect your decision...or would it???

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Barked: Thu Dec 7, '06 6:08pm PST 
Would have no affect---i would opt for either..i have always trained my own--i find they listen better when it originates from you--and it adds to the bonding process...but it also depends on which breeds we're talking about..

Grizzy Grace. <3
Barked: Thu Dec 7, '06 6:48pm PST 
It wouldn't. I'd just find/have a good reputable trainer and go to obedience classes religiously.


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Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 9:30am PST 
BOTH!!!! after dealing with me, and the rottenweiler, mom can deal with anything!!!!!! *BOL*

though, if it was only one, and her first dog ever, the trained one.
Freeway (ADOPT HER!)

I Promise- You~For YOU I- will....
Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 9:48am PST 
BOL. yes, you were only choosing one!
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Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 10:32am PST 
If I were a first time dog owner I would go with the well trained dog. Getting a dog can be overwhelming for anyone, especially if you have no prior experience. I believe that would be the smarter choice. But for myself being experienced with dogs, I would follow my heart, not my mind.
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Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 5:41pm PST 
I think that most first time dog owners don't realize what they're getting into and would still choose the dog they felt closer to. But if it also happened to be the one trained in obedience they would have an easier time and the chances of it being returned are much lower.

Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 7:30pm PST 
I've really enjoyed training my dogs, I like going to the classes and practicing with them. I think that's a nice way to bond with your dog. That said, I would go with the dog I loved the most - I think it's important to go with your heart. Of course, not everyone wants to put in the time to go to classes and practice so it would depend on what you wanted, everyone is different and that's why there's a "right" dog for everyone big grin