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So you want to breed your dog

If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 2:22pm PST 
So you want to breed your dog? Given this I'm sure you have the money to afford the puppies after all it costs more to have your dog pregnant then to actually sell the pups. I'm also guessing you have done the many years of research to spot just one little problem in a litter. After all one little tiny cough if not caught early enough can kill your whole litter and even the mother.I'm also guessing you've researched your dogs lines and have taken into consideration what sort of problems/diseases/etc. that the puppies can possibly face in both mom and dad. The parents do probably have their hips and eyes checked right?. How many titles do each have?. Are they being shown in conformation,hunting,agility,flyball, etc. or are they just couch potatoes. Does either parents have any tempermental problems because as a breeder you should know pups can inherit their parents traits.Is your vet trustworthy or is he just out there for your money? How socialized are the parents of the puppies?
You must not be at work 24 hours a day huh? When your dog has puppies you know you have to be there every single second observing in case something happens.

I can go on and on but i think I'll just stop for awhile and let you think.

Do you still want to breed sweet little Lucy fter you read all thiswith your neighbors big strong slightly aggresive dog Bruce or do you just want to go to the vet right now and fix Lucy so the chances of her and bruce getting toether and having pups is zero?

What do you want to still do?
(BTW feedbacks and more information on breeding dogs would be greatly appreciated i know i just got a portion of it)

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R.I.P my gorgous- boy
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 2:42pm PST 
We think lucy should be fixed and bruno kept far away aswell as being choppd hehe.
We'll look for some stuff, but most people who don't have thier dog spayed or chopped are usally men because they feel bad or wnat the extra money. Mum has good reasons for breeding from me as I pass everything ( just gotta wait for summer for hipscore if it fails then barney gets the chop ) but our two kitties are fixed also.
We have heard many escuses why people don't fix thier pets;

-I like them all natural the way god made them

-I have heard their coat get's ruined or temperment changes

-I can't afford it

-I think Lucy x Bruno would make such a cute mix

-It's healthy for a dog to have a litter then spay

-I would feel guilty taking away his pride

-Proper breeders charge too much i'd like to make puppys cheap for people with not that much money

We can go on, unforuntly we meet alot of animals and get these escuses ALOT. I don't belive in breeding unless it is by proper breeders themselfs ( i'm working on it to become a kennel club registerd breeder which would be my dream ). It's stupid they don't do free spay & neuter it's cheaper and would keep alot of the over population down.

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Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 2:54pm PST 
A registered kennel club breeder is a big dream. I mean you go through so many years learning gentics and all this other stuff.

Put it this way if you didn't get an A+ in biology in High School probably breeding isn't for you.


R.I.P my gorgous- boy
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 3:02pm PST 
Oh I know my uncle was one ( which aparently gives me an advantage ), I was pretty good with biogligy got a b+ also I took animal care level one and two but only completed one I wasn't able to do second due to being kicked off for not being able to find a workplacement. Thankfully once i'm settled down and stuff I will try raising money ( my course was free because I was under 19 ) and take level 2 again.

Also good post, might help some people who are considering breeding because it's an all the rage thing if ya know what I mean.
♥Lenn- on♥

How could you- not LOVE this- face???
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 4:11pm PST 
My response to the "they wont look right (natural) if they are neutered" is well they make fake ones!!! Yes, they do make silicone testicular implants for dogs!! BOL. Mommy laughs a lot, but if it makes someone neuter their dogs so be it...


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Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 6:13pm PST 
thank you both for your input and Lennon i agree with the neuticles.

although i think a dog is more embarresed to have fake balls then have no balls at all. But SHHH!!
Lady Love

Love me
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 7:10pm PST 
Not only is breeding a huge financial undertaking, it is an emotional one as well. I am a breeder and liscensed through my registry and city. I own 6 dogs and before anything else they are our babies, no kennels, they all live inside and are part of the family. Our entire family is involved in thier care it is a lot of work, caring for them feeding them, playing with them, grooming them and providing them with vet care. People joke with us and say they want to come back in thier next life as on of our Cocker Spaniels. To go through the pregnancy with our girls is rough. They get uncomfortable, unhappy and it is rough on them. Not to mention the poor doggy daddys. I will never forget the look on poor Dude's face when Lady was giving birth! But if it is something that you feel strongly about, then research, research, research. It has been 2 years and I still have so much to learn, just genetic coat colors and the possibilities took 6 months to get, now we are researching 6 generations back into the lines. We ended up spaying Lady after her 1st litter. It was hard on her and she is an emotional dog to begin with. 2 of her puppies died, just failed to grow despite our and the vets best efforts, and she never got over it. She visits the place we buried the pups still. It simply wasn't fair to let her have another litter. Dude was also neutered, he is the father of the pups and since him and Lady are so bonded, we felt it was best not to let him mate with another dog. Difficult decisions, but the right decisions. Good luck to anyone that breeds, but do it for the right reasons, which are to better the breed of choice and provide quality, healthy puppies. Never do it for money or because you think it will be fun, it is expensive and aLOT of work!!!

Happy Birthday- Mama!!
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 7:20pm PST 
Don't worry guys, this little Lucy has already been spayed--besides, I don't know any Bruees.
Just kidding.
Thanks for this post and the info in int!

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Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 7:30pm PST 
no problem. BTW this post isn't meant to target any dog name Lucy or Bruce they are just figures.

To make better since we are going to potray Lucy as a chihuahua and Bruce as a golden retriever

A little dog and big dog AREN'T supposed to mate.

BTW to spot a BYB is this. If they can't spell their dog's breed name they probably are BYB
mom saw in the paper someone spell it Labrodoor far from it.

I Might Be Small- But I Have It- All!
Barked: Sun Dec 3, '06 9:03pm PST 
Another way to spot a BYB or a puppymill is when they dont let you see the pups parents!

I found an add for a "tea cup" pug and on there site a FAQ was "can i see the parents?" and the answer was "No, the parents are back in Korea" First.... why are they so young and away from there parents? Second they don't have cameras in Korea?

Made me mad!

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