Please tell me about Shelties!!!

If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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Kiona CGC

The Prettiest- Princess

Barked: Tue Nov 28, '06 5:27pm PST 
Just wondering, pure and simple. A good friend of mine really, really wants one and I told her I would post something here to get advice and for her to sit tight. It would be her first dog. Thank you all!!

(all I know is that they are not minuture collies and they are very beautiful!)
Vance CGC

You kids g'off- my lawn!
Barked: Tue Nov 28, '06 6:40pm PST 
They seem to go two ways: Strong, confident and unstoppable, or distrustful and yippy. I haven't met that many, and I'm not aware of where any individuals came from so the shy and yippy traits could well be the result of BYBs and poor socialization. Even many of the confident ones seem aloof with strangers, though.

I know they make fantastic agility dogs, and if they have the ball drive, fantastic flyball dogs.

Too bad Vance can't speak to me about his past. He used to live with one. And I hear it wasn't very nice to him, either, but I think that's the exception not the rule.

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Barked: Wed Nov 29, '06 7:07am PST 
There are a pair that live across the street from us and good god are they yippy. I wouldn't mind so much if their people didn't let them out to pee at 5 AM every single morning and then allow them to yip it up for 5 minutes. If my guys are out in our yard doing their business, those shelties never fail to get them going with the barking.


Too smart for my- own good!

Barked: Wed Nov 29, '06 7:52am PST 
We had a puppy at the shelter for awhile. He was very active but also liked to cuddle in your lap. He wasn't yippy at all but he did get the zoomies often.

My cousin breeds them (only breeds shelties), I should know more about them but I don't! There's a rescue down in KS called the Sheltie Shack- they might have some good information on their website.

Got Food?
Barked: Wed Nov 29, '06 7:30pm PST 
Shelties are much more popular in Canada. I think they were 5th on the CKC list last year, but then many like the double coated breeds cuz of our colder winters. I've known many, most being the confident ones. I also find them very smart. They attach to the whole family, not only one person, but always have their favorite. They do like to bark (I find poodles bark more) but are easy to train and with some effort can be taught to stop barking. (Training is the key here, if you don't plan to train, they will bark) They are a herder, and demand activity, but nothing like the Border Collies or Aussies that I have met. They like to explore and need a good fence or they will take themselves on a fun run. They are incredibly gentle natured but like to have fun. They have a reputation for being able to read your heart. They do not respond well to corrective training.

Others may know lots more. These comments are a reflection of my experience. Obviously I have met some wonderful ones.

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Wanna play ball?
Barked: Wed Nov 29, '06 8:50pm PST 
Shelties are pretty yappy and loud. Also energetic! But..like all breeds, if trained right and if the people have plenty of time to spend with their pet, they can train them into being calmer or quieter if they're good enough. You can never take away a pup's "characteristics" obviously but you can somewhat mold them ya' know?

Barked: Thu Nov 30, '06 12:35pm PST 
This topic always makes me chuckle. As someone who has worked wih hundreds of Shelties I will make it simple and sweet. A sheltie is nothing more or nothing less than what you make it. People who have narotic,jumping, barking and twirling shelties MAKE THEM THAT WAY.... None of my shelties were ever allowed to exibit anything but calm and controlled behaviors. Shelties that are beed/used in herding trials could not get the work done if they were not well tempered and mannered.
When ever I see one of those "other" kinds of Shelties I just chalk it up to the owner/handler and that is where the reflection goes.

Just my 2 cents worth...
Callie NPC,- DBE, STCH,- LP1, CR

100% pure Love- Sponge Attention- Hound!
Barked: Fri Dec 1, '06 12:06pm PST 
The only Sheltie I ever knew well was one that thought I was delivering nuclear bombs instead of newspapers to her house, for the 4 years I had a paper route. While I don't know how well she had been trained by her owners, when I started my search for a dog, that was one breed I never considered because of that experience. In order for me to have considered a Sheltie, the dog would have had to be perfectly behaved and I would have had to fall in love. I realize that it doesn't seem fair, but that's the only way I could have had a Sheltie for my first dog.

However, that was just my experience and I am sure there are many, many wonderful and sweet Shelties out there - just as there are many laid-back, non-aggressive Rotties, Dobies and pitbulls out there. If your friend has the time to put into training an intelligent, energetic Sheltie, then I'm sure she will end up with a great pet!
Kiona CGC

The Prettiest- Princess

Barked: Fri Dec 1, '06 6:55pm PST 
Thanks everyone. I think tis thread alone had convinced her not to get one...

Joy- lived to annoy- ups man.
Barked: Sun Dec 10, '06 3:08pm PST 
Wow, do you actually listen to someone who don't own a sheltie? If you can handle a siberian husky, sheltie is only 30% of the work & commitment of a husky. I got a sheltie and my gf got 2 huskies. My sheltie rarely bark, my maltese-shihtzu is much more vocal. My sheltie only bark to let us know there's someone coming to our front door, but she sure love ups/fedex/usps with lots of passion though. Sheltie goes along well with your family and very good with children, however she is aloof & shy to strangers. She doesn't mind my 18 month old son playing with her. Sheltie is a herding dog, she got a loud booming bark. Grooming is very easy with sheltie, you'll need only one 30 mins/weekly grooming, more is better though. Ask your friend to get to know a sheltie from a reputable breeder. She won't regret it.

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