Chinese Shar Peis

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Barked: Fri Jun 25, '10 10:49am PST 
I was wondering if anyone on here could describe the temperment of the shar pei, breed history, and the pros and cons of the breed.
Do you consider them a gamey dog?
Do they have a lot of drive and energy?

I'm very interested in learning.

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I believe that each shar pei has a unique personality of their own. I know Monty has a very happy, energetic, go get them personality. Now he has had one really bad experience with a pet trainer I had picked for him and it took me some time for him to get over it but, now he is back to his friendly outgoing personality.

I would have to say he is very in tune with his old hunting instincts and guarding instincts. He will protect the house and the people he adores with his life. He has also proven the hunting instinct by trying to kill a raccoon that got into the backyard. Thankfully no one was hurt including the raccoon who was chased into the pond.

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Barked: Sat Mar 5, '11 8:37am PST 
I have owned two Shar Pei's and both are friendly and would easily get along with other dogs. Though my first shar pei, Ringo who is now in doggy heaven was snobbish sometimes while Gringo is very friendly. Both are very intelligent though Gringo is clumsy sometimes. Must be his big frame.

All I can say that most Shar Pei's I have seen here in my city are not aggressive.


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My 2 chinese shar-pei Brinkley(Brush coat) and Bentley(bear-coat) couldn't be more different! There from the same litter and are almost 9 months old. Brinkley is very hyper,playful, protective of our backyard,but loves other dogs and children, he's very protective of my husband and I and is weiry of strangers at first. Bentley on the other hand is very lazy, aloof,only does things when he wants to,does not like other dogs except our other shar-pei and pug, and is very weiry of strangers and children,he is very affectenate when properly introduced. In general I find my shar-pei are definitly protective and guard-dog like.
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Barked: Wed Aug 24, '11 8:41am PST 
I have two pei's and would not have any other breedcloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9 My pei's are so different from one another. Max loves other animals and my Lola toopuppy but Max is a really good guard dog and his sister is not so much. Max is a horse coat and Lola is a brush coat. They also both get along with their brofur feline perry. They also both came from the same mommy but different daddy'spuppy Its so interesting to see how their personalities are so different. BOL They are also very loving to their human family. Bentley about your sharpei fever, I had answered your questionway to go You can go and check it out or you can pawmail me. Woof!

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I just signed up on this site today and have noticed a lot of negative comments about Shar Pei. We have 2 and although the do play rough with each other they are not violent dogs. They will bark at people they don't know but after they know them they are fine. They will sleep with one of the cats. They are not too fond of the St Bernards (we have 3) but they will just bark at them for a while.
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Barked: Tue Feb 28, '12 6:14am PST 
My Baby shar pei (7 months) is hyper n happy and always wants to play, yet we are sti trying to properly socialize her as she does this hip check thing with bigger dogs! but gets along great with smaller ones!
anyone have any ideas for getting her to stop this hip thing?