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Hey there, I have two main questions on my Chinese crested, Jax. I previously had a powderpuff but Jax is my first hairless crested. He has a lot of blackheads as the lady I got him from "didn't have the time for him and put him outside a lot". Someone suggested witch hazel and I have tried this but it doesn't seem to be of much help. I know for the most part it is expected but he has some bad ones on the back of his neck that are swollen and he scratches at a lot.

My second question is about potty training. I know that Chinese cresteds are notorious for being hard to potty train, but Jax has it down, halfway. He does not pee inside at all, not an accident since the day I brought him home BUT he poops inside and in the month I've had him, has only pooped outside twice! I make sure I clean it up with vinegar each time so he doesn't smell it any he never goes twice in the same spot, but the first chance he gets such as when we leave or when I lay down for a nap with my little one, or get engrossed in classwork he goes poop crazy. Like it isn't just once, it's several little piles. I know a crate would be a simple solution but since he was always alone and now I'm always at home unless I go to the store or to run errands he freaks when he's left in a crate. My neighbors tell me he howls like he's dying the whole entire time so I haven't been crating him.