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Barked: Tue Sep 20, '11 11:18am PST 
my little guy was covered with them, when we got him I've tossed the sweater that came with him because she said he just scratched at it all the time . H e had a sore on his leg from biting and scratching a blackhead/pimple I've been trying the shampoo the other vet gave but doesn't seem to help got an apricot scrub for humans , that seems to help some .....any advise for him would be appreciated. His legs from knee down looks dirty from these black heads!!!

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Barked: Tue Oct 25, '11 9:38pm PST 
CCs are prone to wool and lanolin allergies, so make sure any clothing or cream isn't wool. An oatmeal bath is good for skin and easy, just warm water with oatmeal soaked in it, use the oatmeal to scrub him/her gently. There is a cream here in NZ which is utterly fantastic, its a natural active manuka honey cream from the vets called Aniwell manuka honey cream. I rub it on and rub it in and all Ziggys dead skin cells come off onto my hands. First few times I used it, my hands were black! Now I only use it every now and then and his skin is like silk and he never gets black heads.
He is also raw fed which has made a big difference.wave

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I have a hairless Chihuahua, and have the same issues. As long as he is raw fed, he doesn't seem to be too bad. Processed foods like treats make him break out so I opt for carrots, apples, etc.