My Mom is a new Chi Mom and she needs advice on my potty training!

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Barked: Sun Jun 23, '13 2:09pm PST 
I am about two months and have been doing really great on potty training. I would have a couple accidents when not at home because I was so busy exploring I forgot to go, and sometimes I would just miss the edge of my pad, but Mom didnt get mad about that, she thought it was great that I was trying to get the pad in the first place. She introduced my lair (crate), and I havent had one accident in it. I go to bed at night in her room in my lair and when I wake up between 7 and 9, she gets me out, takes me in the bathroom with her, and I go potty on my pad, then we go back to bed for a few hours. This morning, when we woke up, she sat me on my pad and I walked off of it, and went directly into Moms bedroom and peed on her cloths. I peed two more times, once in front of the front door, and once on a pillow, and I peed lots and lots each time.
We went through a huge battle getting me potty trained in the first place. Horrible people took me straight from my dog Moms teat when I was only 3 weeks, and Mom thinks I transferred that stress to the first thing she wanted me to learn, potty training. I was extremely aggressive and would attack very viciously any time she sat me on my potty pad, once even drawing blood. Im also very wiley, and figured out how to trick Mom. Once she started putting me in a basket to potty and I couldnt get away or take my stress out on her, I would hold myself in 'pee' pose and make her think I went, then run and go elsewhere as soon as she set me down. Of course, that only fooled her once, so then I began going just a little, and saving some so I could potty outside of my potty area. She thought I had finally figured out that potty pad=freedom, and I did great for the last two weeks, I would stop playing and go out of my way to go potty on my pad, then woke up this morning and just stopped using it. She has no idea whats going on in my little head and needs some advice. Is this just normal regression that she has to work through, or is something triggering my stress and anxiety and my refusing to use the pad is my way of telling Mom Im feeling stressed about something?