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Taco Flavored- Kisses Are So- Delicious ♥
Barked: Sun Sep 16, '12 6:34pm PST 
I was always a "big dog" person from the time I was little, until Taco walked into my life. He was not only a small dog, but also a Chihuahua. I have always HATED Chihuahuas. They always bark too much, they are so scared and timid, and they aren't good around people other than their owners. Those are rumors of course, and my little Taco proved them all to be false.
He DOES bark, but only when someone comes into my house. That of course, is to protect me. He might not be huge, and he probably cannot do much, but he means well.
He IS scared and timid, but only around strangers. What is wrong with that? When is the last time some strange person walked into your house, and just started to rub you? And if someone was to do that, would you be all happy, or would you be a little freaked out? That's what I though!
And finally, he is GREAT around other people, except of course when they come barging into his home. I bring him to Walmart and many other places with me daily. Of course, little kids who don't know better, come running up to him and pet him and ooh and ahh over him when there parents aren't looking. It scares him a little, but he never bites, growls, barks, or even nips.
Getting Taco is the most amazing blessing.
There is never a bad day, and there is never a dull moment. ♥