Chihuhua pregnant?

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Hello, Im after some advice . I have 2 chihuahua's Moxii and Heidi both pedigree and KC'd , On the 31st of May until the 3rd june we mated moxi . She tied together at least 3 times on 3 different days . She should be due to have pups round about today but theirs nothing up until she was about 6 weeks she looked very pregnant but since 6 weeks shes stayed the same. Shes nesting and today especially she got lots of milk coming in . Although she not massive if i feel her belly i can feel one maybe 2 little lumps but tbh im not to sure what im feeling for . I compared her against my baby chihuahua who has no lumps in her belly which is making me think they little lump/s in Moxii are pups. Im worrid that it could be phantom pregnancy just because shes showing no signs of going into labour anytime soon. anyone help?
They only signs she's showing is digging mainly in the corner of my corner sofa .. also today i've noticed while shes cuddling me she's putting her head right under my arm and of course she's milking out of all nipples where as for past few days its only been one or two x
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Take your dog to the vet. Period.
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Yikes. There's no way for anyone to diagnose your pup via your internet post and you could be placing her life at risk by delaying appropriate care. Please have your veterinarian examine her immediately.