Best food for long coat Chi

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Hello all. I have 8 months long coat chi named Boney. I just got him from my friend. I need to ask a few questions about his foods
Well since he lives with me a week ago, I provide him Astor (dry) for his foods. He's seems doesnt really like it. So I gave him dry Purina Alpo 2in1 and he's really like it (for today tho, I dont know tomorrow if he's still like itparty) I know Alpo 2in1 is good for treats. But Do you guys think Purina Alpo 2in1 is good for Boney's daily foods? And if its not. What should I give for my Boney?

Please help me by answer my question big grin

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There's many food to take in consideration when it comes to feeding your Chihuahua. For more information you can visit our site: http://www.chihuahuapuppytraining.com/category/feeding-a-chihuahua/