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Barked: Sat Mar 31, '12 8:58pm PST 
My 5 month old chi /min pin mix is so attached to me and follows me around all the time. I love that he loves me but my 2 boys want to bond with him too. If I'm in the room he only wants to sit with me and stand near me. He is a rescue and we have only had him for a month. Maybe he will warm up to the rest of the family over time.
Any advice on how to get him to be a family dog?
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Barked: Wed Apr 25, '12 9:10pm PST 
Hi Milo! Sorry it took so long for someone to get to you, but I've been pretty sick. (My owner that is). I'm a "family" dog that loves everyone in my family...but I still have my favorite person, who I see the least, which happens to be my daddy. He's my fav because he plays with me the most and shares his people food with me the most. Mom thought she'd be my fav cause she feeds, bathes me, does all the everyday stuff and gives me my meds, but much like a child, my fav is the one that plays with me and shares the goodies. I've bonded very well with my 3 furless sisters that live here because they all love me up and share treats and I have a favorite sister of all my sisters that plays with me the most. My tip to get you to bond with others of your family is to have them give you special treats and play the games you like the best (mine is Chase me and use your hand to wrestle with me)...if they spend enough time with you, doing the things you love and sharing thier goodies (that are doggy safe, of course)then you shouldn't have a problem bonding with your whole happy family! Doggy relationships are different (dog to dog) and can take alot longer to sort out then people/doggy relationships and sometimes you just have to be patient while the pups work things out. Best advice I can give with that is to try to be fair and not favor one over the other too much, it's alot like sibling rivalry. Lucky for my, I'm an only pup and get ALL the attention around here! I even cry if Daddy comes home and doesn't give me a kiss! I've been told by many folks at Petco that I'm awfully friendly for a Chi, which I don't understand because if everyone I've ever met loved on me, why would I be shy? Just another person to love and to love me! I hope this helped! Any questions just inbox me and I'll remind my person to get to things here more often. Good Luck!!! wave