How do I find a mate for my 4yr old male Chihuahua Marley?

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I would like to give Marley the opportunity to enjoy the experience of mating as opposed to pleasuring himself without leaving my locale.Not looking for any form of compensation, would just like to have a happy and healthy dog.dog walk

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Does your Chihuahua have papers and a good healthy family history? Is he a good example of the breed? No hernias, underbite, overbite, tongue is IN his mouth, rather than dangling out of it uncontrollably? How are his knees?

These are the first things you should consider before breeding your dog, as there are currently so many Chihuahuas in shelters and rescues already.

Just wanting to give him the "pleasure" of breeding is completely self-serving and irresponsible. Dogs mate to procreate, not to get their rocks off.

If you want him to be happy and healthy, neuter him. It'll keep him healthier in the long run.

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Couldn't have said it better myself Abigale!!! (I suspect the original poster was just looking to stir things up)


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Why do people think that just because they CAN that they should? I've done enough work with animals over my life that I've gotten tired of those who are just ignorant and are into their own self-gratification. HOW was the original poster's dog self-gratifying? Humping inappropriate objects?

Unless that dog somehow manages to bring himself to orgasm, he's not going to be "pleasured" anyway.

And we really need to make this forum more active. We've got two Chihuahuas at home (one is my own service dog and the other is my daughter's service dog in training), and it would be nice to have more discussion on the Chihuahua forum.

For the record, both of our girls are fixed. There are far too many Chihuahuas out there now who are in need of a home. As I see it, there is no need for more puppies.

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The reason the question was asked to begin with is that I find it a little strange and think Marley may be sexually frustrated or confused. This 4yr old has never mated and habitually licking himself to full erection and orgasm. When in the presence of a female would rather growl and nip than accept sex when it's being literally rubbed in his face. While I agree just because he can doesn't mean he should. I would rather he mated than licked himself off twice a day like some pervert who never knew what normal was. As I said he's confused, I'm puzzled. Thanks for the feedback.

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A spayed female dog isn't going to allow a male to try to have sex with her, anymore than a female dog who isn't in heat will allow it. Keep in mind that once a male dog achieves a "tie" with the female dog, they will be essentially locked together for the next ten to twenty minutes as he ejaculates. Even a female dog in heat will sometimes try to bite the crap out of the dog who is joined with her in this way.

The extended connection essentially guarantees that puppies will be the result. There is no "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" about it.

Dogs only mate to reproduce. They are biologically geared for it. There are already far too many Chihuahuas out there.

Neuter Marley and that behavior should stop over time.

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Could you neuter him?
That will help with this kind of behavior.

Best, sonja and the crew