Any Jack Chi's Out there

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I am that Chick- Magnet!
Barked: Thu Mar 11, '10 1:48pm PST 
Hi Im bojangles and I am a very Proud Jack Chi I look more like a a Jack russel but have a low key Attitude like a chihuahua! blue dog
Abbi Gayle

Semper Fi..- Devil Pup <3
Barked: Mon Apr 11, '11 2:37pm PST 
Hi! I'm a 6 week old Jack Chi! I am my Mommy's 1st little dog, so any friends & advise would be GREATLY appreciated!!

King of the- City!
Barked: Wed May 25, '11 5:13pm PST 
I'm a Jack Chi! smile

Glad to see there are some out there lol

hamster dance

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Pinned ya!
Barked: Wed Nov 13, '13 12:40am PST 
I know this is years late, but I am a jackchi! My mom just got me and she is trying to learn about other dogs like me! I am a big girl at such a young age. I am 14 weeks old and already weigh 10 lbs. I am a lot more like a jack russell in appearance and intelligence, but I am very calm like most chihuahuas.

Barked: Fri Dec 5, '14 8:58pm PST 
I know this is an old post, but I was just adopted. My humans are pretty sure I am a JackChi & would love to hear about others. dog walk
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