Goooo Chi's!

This is a forum for bonding with your fellow Dogsters about the traits, quirks and idiosyncrasies of your favorite breed. Please remember that there are absolutely no animal sales or requests for studding or breeding allowed on our sites. All posts and interactions should be in the spirit of Dogster's Community Guidelines and should be fun, friendly and informational. Enjoy!

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Pepperoni- Dogster's #1- outlaw

Bellina's Stud- Muffin :)
Barked: Tue Mar 6, '07 2:27pm PST 
We are the best breed ever dancing
Mika Boo

MikaBoo I Love- You
Barked: Tue Mar 6, '07 3:26pm PST 
Hi Pepper - oni!!
you look very tough in your pic.
is this a new group?
have a good night.
♥- Bambi- ♥

Barked: Tue Mar 6, '07 3:47pm PST 
Oh how cool! When did this come about?

Chico Rio- Mario

Mr. Spoiled- Rotten
Barked: Tue Mar 6, '07 4:42pm PST 
laugh out loud You're stating something that I believe is obvious to everyone here. I mean, of COURSE Chis are the best. snoopy Hehe.

These new forums are so pawsome!

Barked: Tue Mar 6, '07 4:45pm PST 
Chis chis, we're the best!
We can do it better than the rest!

Me LOVE you!
Barked: Tue Mar 6, '07 5:08pm PST 
cheerBiggest Chi on Dogster checkin' in say ...Me LOVE CHi! laugh out loud
☮Ch@ch1(8.17.97 -3.5.08

rest in peace
Barked: Tue Mar 6, '07 6:48pm PST 
Beatrix, you're the cutest chi! cloud 9
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Wed Mar 7, '07 5:34am PST 
Awww Beatrix, so glad you made it here too. You are just the cutest chi ever. Me love you!
♡Tawni- pearl~Sweet- Angel

A little ray of- sunshine
Barked: Wed Mar 7, '07 10:26am PST 
Hello fellow Chi's this new chi thread is great!! I see chi beatrix made it here big grin stopping in to say hello wave
Laci and Tawni
Dancer- (6-08-06 - 8-25-08)

The Tiniest- Things Can- Change The- World!
Barked: Wed Mar 7, '07 10:55am PST 
Yeah...Tawni & Laci made it here.....
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