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Barked: Mon Feb 8, '10 12:37pm PST 
ok im coming to the experts!!!big grin ive been approached half a dozen times asking if marley is cheesie??? how can i find out???? looking at some of the purebreed chesapeakes on here he sure looks like one!! thanks

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Barked: Sat Mar 27, '10 6:46pm PST 
chessies, while they look a lot like chocolate labs and were bred for a similar purpose, are definitely not labs. they have a totally different temperament from labs (all of them that i've met anyway). also, they have a totally different coat than labs (they are also brown or dark red in color, not yellow). chessies are their own breed, not a variation of a lab.

most people wouldn't know a big difference between a chocolate lab & a chessie, but there are several definite distinctions if you get to know the breeds. i would suggest that you read the chessie page here on dogster and the akc breed page for them -
http://www .akc.org/breeds/chesapeake_bay_retriever/

Barked: Wed Nov 24, '10 3:10pm PST 
Hi Y'all,

Hawk aka BrownDog here...yes I am a registered pure bred Chessie.

The easiest way to tell if a dog is a lab or chessie is the coat. Chessies come in shades from dead grass and straw to light brown, brown and dark brown. The lighter shades of brown can be mistaken for a yellow.

If you look at my light brown coat you will see I'm wavy all over. The darker browns tend to be wavy on shoulders and across the hips. I've been confused with a Labradoodle. If your dog does not have the wavy hair he is not a Chessie.

We also have unusual amber eyes, but some chocolate labs have amber eyes also.

Y'all come by now,