Macgyver Nuzzles

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Macgyver-the- king of drama
Barked: Sat Mar 29, '08 7:02am PST 
Macgyver has been rubbing his head all over my legs and arms recently when I am petting him. He is healthy so I am not worried about any health condition. I am wondering if this is simply a sign of affection . I feel it is and just want to know your ideas on the topic. Thanks

Throw the ball!!
Barked: Mon Apr 21, '08 10:55am PST 
My Chessie does this too. He loves his face rubbed! I thought at first his eyes itched (allergies) but he got the all clear from the vet. So maybe it's just Chessie affection after all!

Barked: Sat Apr 26, '08 5:38pm PST 
Happens evernight to me before Jengo settles down, loves to rub his face on me or the couch i am sitting on!


cant let mommy- and daddy out of- my sight
Barked: Tue Jun 10, '08 1:34pm PST 
My boy actually likes to rub his face on my face, and especially on my husbands!! its affection but I also think he likes my husbands facial hair.