6 week old blind Catahoula

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Barked: Sat Jul 27, '13 2:20pm PST 
My sister works for a vet clinic and called me last week begging me to please take a blind catahoula puppy. The owners were going to have her put down. So I said I would. We drove 3.5 hours there to pick her up at my sisters and she is home with me now. I am just looking for some advice on how to help her as much as I can. She is so small. Just a little over 3 pounds and wobbly on the legs . She can get around and is so fiesty. I have 4 other dogs. 1 lab mix 1 border collie and 2 chihuahuas . They have all inspected her lol and given the approval so to speak even though one of my chihuahuas wont go near her. The other wants to play but doesnt under stand that she can't see her.