Carolina Dog Breeders?

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Rusty the Red- Rules!!
Barked: Tue May 29, '07 8:58am PST 
Has anyone had a good experience they can share about their purchase of a Carolina Dog or know of any good breeders?

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Barked: Mon Oct 13, '08 5:41pm PST 

Actually, we are looking for a breeder. We live in Roswell, GA and recently lost our 16 year old Carolina dog, Jasper. If you come across a breeder or puppy for sale or adoption, please let us know. Our emal is ziobronkm@aol.com



It's all about- the Bella!
Barked: Sat Oct 18, '08 1:46pm PST 
Have you tried Carolinadogs.com?


Craaazzzyyy- Puppy!
Barked: Sun Oct 19, '08 6:51am PST 
Hi! We just got a puppy from an amazing Carolina Dog breeder in Aiken, SC. Her name is Jane Gunnell and her website is www.carolinadogs.com. (If you want to look at our guys, Tatzen, the puppy, is from Jane... we learned about CDs when we were lucky enough to rescue JD).

Tatzen is an amazing little guy... smart, sweet, cuddle, and very monkey-see-monkey-do with his beloved older brother. He is, unfortunately, also headstrong and fearless at home (much shyer in public). This means he'll test everyone and gets into puppy-trouble snoopy

Good luck to you both!

Fresh as a- Daisy!
Barked: Fri Oct 24, '08 9:36am PST 
There is a breeder in Lee County, SC, named Dr. Don Anderson. He operates Lynches River Kennels and can be reached at 843-383-4937. He specializes in piebald pups (black & white spotted). He also raises wild boars, if you're interested. smile He's quite a character.

"Begging works!- (with mom at- least)"
Barked: Mon Oct 27, '08 6:54pm PST 
Have you considered a rescue? You can look on Petfinder.com and enter "carolina" as the keyword for breed.

Here's one in GA, what a cutie with his big ears!

http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=11980 801

Or this beautiful girl "Brownie"
http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=1 2222913

In Abq they would have called her a "shephard mix" but she sure looks Carolina to me!

Good luck!

Barked: Thu Oct 30, '08 3:44am PST 
I entered Carolina Dog in Petfinder and found dozens of beautiful dogs. Among them, an entire litter of puppies was abandoned by a roadside and all of them are up for adoption. Most of the dogs on these pages look like the standard dixie dingo – wonderful pups in need of homes!

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Barked: Sat Nov 22, '08 11:52am PST 
I would buy a Carolina only from California Carolina Dogs. Susan B. Anthony is the breeder and has a wonderful site that can be brought up using her name and the 'carolina dogs" On that site you will not only find full exposure to her dogs, including a long haired verision, on films, written materials etc. but you will be able to take note of the special conditions that attend purchase.
She takes back any and all dogs not satisfied with. The cost of the dogs, last I looked, was more than reasonable. I would take no amount of money for mine and would easily and delightfully part with a near fortune for another.

One special note based solely upon my own experience. These are excelent dog whisperers with strong notions built in as to proper behavior in the pack, and come to no encounters with issues of their own. One should get hold of either of the two photography based books by Brenda Aloff on Dog Communications as a good knowledge of the Dog Body language is invaluable when dealing with a Carolina.

Another note, anyone entertaining the notion of having a Carolina... again based only on my limited experience.... should consider their own emotional backdrop.... These dogs award you the privilage of being Alpha, will respect all Alpha spaces, etc. but will not follow, nor respect, nor be forced to comply with anything.
I believe you could beat one of them into the ground and they would not comply with your wishes. Leaders to them seemingly have to be strong and possess character (In this my son exceeds me by a long shot in her eyes)... but force or bullying is definitely not leader behavior and they will stubbornly refuse that leadership.
Worse, for the Macho types, they will often note that a deviation has been made in customary routine and will temporarily question your skills by sitting down and refusing to go farther. Brief negotiation and convincing the dog that you haven't been tipping the bottle and know what you are doing is often necessary. I have found that a harness with the leash fastened at the bottom ring underneath makes a gentle tug effective. Pulling on the top ring will have as much effect as any other force applied. Macho types that have egos bruised by dogs that question and do not immediately obey commands should never consider owning a Carolina for their own sake as well as that of the dog. Their appraisal of leader qualities are absolute and leadership is a thing they are more than willing to grant.... to real pack leaders.

Barked: Mon Sep 20, '10 9:25am PST 
The best source for info on Carolina Dogs is through the Carolina Dog research Project:

They sometimes have litters which they home, and also help place rescue Carolina Dogs/American Dingoes.

Carolina Dogs/American Dingoes, at the root, are a wild species, and are almost extinct in the US. The CD project mentioned above is working on researching and saving the species.

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Barked: Wed Dec 28, '11 10:13pm PST 
Yeah I had very good experience with t his Carolina dog breeders. These were the best among all breeders. One of the breed I was interested in Carolina breeders was dingo.
I like this because of many reasons.
1.The bark of a dingo is short and monosyllabic.
2.These dogs are sable line of Carolina.etc etc.,

puppies for sale in south carolina

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