NJ area Corgi needs help fast

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just your- average sweet- loveable girl!
Barked: Wed Jul 2, '08 10:27am PST 
Please pass the word---->
Crosspost from my dogtrainer's yahoo group page

Comments: Hi My name is Kathy Hall and I'm the NJ/NY regional coordinator
for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi national rescue trust.This comes under the
heading of a long shot email request. About two weeks ago I was contacted
about a corgi mix named Summer who was turned into the Ocean County shelter
for "nipping." Her family had as pecial needs child and I guess didn't
want to take any chances. The folks at the shelter temperatment tested
Summer and determined that she was just doing a normal corgi herding
behavior. (we love them but they can be mouthy unless trained outof it)

Because she was turned in for "biting" (insurance companies don't
differentiate between nipping and biting) they don't feel they can place
her but they like her so much they reached out to try and find her a rescue
foster situation.

Sadly our insurance doesn't allow me to take her into our program because
she is a mix but I'm trying to help Summer as an individual.I've reached
out to all my dog lists and folks who were looking for a cardigan already.
I was surfing around trainers websites (last resort trying to network,
Summer's time is up on July 4th) and saw that you occasionally take in
rescues so since I'm fast running out of options for Summer I thought i'd
email you. If you have any leads on a corgi savvy fosterer who can help with
this poor, very overweight little girl, please contact me. Thanks Kathy Hall
Name: Kathy Hall
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Telephone: 732-741-6623

sorry the email got cut off the original post