Cane Corso's are great dogs!

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Sir Damian- the Beast

Can I eat that?
Barked: Thu Jun 11, '09 10:57am PST 
I learned of the breed a few years ago online, and decided i wanted one. I talked to my cousin about them and he too did some researching, he became friends with a breeder in kentucky and got a female and male from him to love , and breed, soon the puppies were here , and i got to pick my boy beastie, when i brought him home, he was eight weeks old and 25 pounds. my cousin, being his first time breeding, didnt do everything by the book, and little beastie was quite aggresive towards my family for the first month or two that he was here. i took him to the vet to get puppy shots and he growled and tried to nip the vet. she wasnt too thrilled with the breed, and suggested that i neuter early to help with any aggression he may have with the male dogs i already have, so i had him fixed at 12 weeks and took a lot of crap about it. my vet recommended it, i have used her for seven years and followed her advice, but anyways, i realized that he wasnt really "aggressive", just afraid, we were kind of forcing ourselves on him, we gave him some space, and he has turned out to be the best dog. he is a sweet heart, and a loyal protector of me and my family. the aggression is totally gone, and he has really grown into his personality. he is awesome, but he has the most weird way of giving kisses, his daddy does the same thing, it is like his tongue is too big or something, weird, but he is great. i kept the floppy ears after a bad experience with beasties daddy's ears, there arent many places around that would crop ears, most say it is cruel, but the one who did the hack job on beasts dad was one of the only ones, so i passed on it, kinda glad i did, he is so cute with his floppy ears, he runs across the yard and they fold back and by the time he gets to me, he looks like a pink eared teddy bear. so cute. blue dog