What's your Canaan Like?

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Barked: Thu Jun 26, '08 2:12pm PST 
I have never met another canaan and would like to know if my dog's personality is typical. She is a total herding dog, but watches me a bit much.

She's smart and well behaved. Just think her personality is a bit unusual for a dog.
♥June- au♥

Barked: Tue Jul 8, '08 8:30pm PST 
Juneau is mainly a Canaan dog I beleive, but I also think that there may be some Shiba Inu in there...I can't be sure. But he matches every breed test I've taken for a Canaan, so this is what he's like.

Juneau is active, but is always happy to relax and watch a movie, and get his tummy scratched. He just runs and runs on the bike, at the beach, hikes, or any other time he is off leash.

Juneau is a total sweetheart to us, but is very wary of strangers. He barks all the time, and barks at any sign of an intruder...it could be someone in their backyard next door even. He just barks like...


Then he is usually done, but can go on and on with continual barking antics when someone comes over.

Juneau is good with other dogs, and he visits the dog park often. He is aggressive however towards big, bouncy, obnoxious dogs or puppies. He adores small dogs though, no matter how they act. Juneau also has a high prey drive, and although doesn't mind the family cat, he always tries to chase the neighborhood cats. He also has a good eye for squirrels wink.

Juneau's protective of his family towards intrudors, but never protective of toys, food, etc.

Juneau is very very smart...he knows a large amount of tricks, some being playing the piano, "stop drop and roll", wipe your face, jump through the hoop, and weave between my legs. He knows many more, but those are some good ones.

Juneau LOVES the outdoors, and he is always so happy when it is time to go outside. We think he may have lived on a ranch before we got him (he came in as a stray at the pound). He loves the heat, and he loves the freezing cold. He really likes snow...never gets tired of it laugh out loud. I think it is because Canaans were bred to tolerate extreme climates.

That's about it, besides his fear of thunder and fireworks, but I think a lot of dogs are scared of that. I hope this was helpful smile.


Party Animal
Barked: Wed Sep 3, '08 5:04pm PST 
Shadrack is a prissy queen and a big flirt. He likes to run and jump & play at the dog park but also LOVES hanging on the couch. Will cuddle up to any person, mostly girls. He only occasionally wants to play with other dogs. Shadrack is a little high maint. He has to think twice whether he wants to do what I ask, even if it's something he wants to do. Shadrack always has to do it his way. The funny part is, my mother has Shadrack's brother. And he is junk yard dog, big burly & grouchy. Loves my mom and tolerates my father but does not like visitors. My mom thinks Meesha is the best dog she has ever had. She swears Meesha can understand when she talks to him. blue dog