Dear Friends, Sir Spencer is doing much better!!!

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"Spencer"- (Sir Spencer- of Lone

Sir Spencer,- (Mr. Cheekies)
Barked: Thu Apr 23, '09 9:36am PST 
THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!! Our prayers have been answered!!!! God never fails!!!! Sir Spencer is still on antibiotics but is eating and drinking well. He loves his special food> I was worried he would not like the bland food. He is on a kidney diet also and will be the rest of his life!!! I soooo bless all of you for your wonderful support and love we didn't know if he would come back to himself, but he has as sassy as ever and we LOVE it!!!!! He does not like the limiting of treats, though!! but hhe needs to lose a little weight, but not the way he had to by being sick. We want it the HEALTHY way. Again, WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love, Tammy, (The Queen) we will be back keeping our diary on the stories of the Kingdom of Lone Oak!!!!!!cheerdogsnoopyblue dogcheercheercloud 9applausehamster dance Thanks for all the zealies, Spence loves themhappy dancehappy dancecheerwavesmile