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Barked: Sun Nov 16, '08 4:29am PST 
Hi My new owner is writing for me
I am a newbie cairn terrier owner and rescued to little babies from a kill shelter.
I have taken them to the vet and all is well, but I had found a tick and two fleas on my girl.
I washed her and Piper in Dawn (on Friday) and then gave them a doggie shampoo.
The vet had also given us Frontline plus to apply.
I did this last night (about 14 hours ago) and she is still scratching this morning.
I even sat down yesterday and went through her fur with a fine tooth comb and found nothing.
But she is soo itchy!
Do you think I just irritated her skin from all the washing?
I am due back to the vet on Wednesday with them, but just wondering if anyone has any ideas?
Annabelle Lea

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Barked: Wed Mar 4, '09 6:59am PST 
Hey Peanut, be sure to have the vet check her for allergies, My annie takes meds for allergies.

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Barked: Thu Apr 16, '09 11:55am PST 
I don't know if this is your first Cairn, but with my first I did a lot of reading, as they are not "typical" dogs! I found several references that said their coats were protective and not to shampoo them too much. So it is possible that the extra shampooing may have caused their skin to dry out. My sources say to shampoo them no more than once a month. On the other hand -- they may just have bites from the fleas that still itch, while the fleas are gone. I took my Cairn to my dad's farm where he picked up a couple of fleas, and while we got the fleas off fairly quickly he was scratching for a few days.


Barked: Wed Jul 15, '09 5:45pm PST 
Cairns are known to have allergies. My Cairn has allergies so bad that he rubs and bites himself so much that he bleeds. What really helps is a non-prescription supplement called Derm-caps. Get the one for small breeds and not extra strength. He still wants to be scratched more than anything else but at least he not going totally crazy with itchy skin!