Question to Cairn Terrier owners

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Kramer- I love riding in- my mom's H2
Barked: Sun Feb 22, '09 8:33pm PST 
My female was 17 years old when she passed away. Missy was never a lap dog, very independent and dominant. I have now Kramer and he is a total love bug and I love it. Missy was my princess, sh gave kisses but Kramer loves to be with you on your lap. Males are much more a cuddlier than females in my experience with Cairns. Any Cairn is a love bug right? They are the best of breed if you want a terrier and know how to prepare for this breed. They are a wonderful companion. Just so human.
Annabelle Lea

Aarrooo- , lets- play.
Barked: Wed Mar 4, '09 6:57am PST 
Annie was a rescue cairn, so not as affectionate most of the time. But she loves to be where I am, and loves to play. She also will cuddle with me if I sit or lie down. Most of the time on me.laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud She loves to sit on my tummy or chest! I would not trade her for any other kind of pet! I love her. Hi there Princess Scotch Broom Fiona. My favorite princess.

Determined- cuddlepuppy
Barked: Thu Apr 16, '09 12:00pm PST 
I have always read that the males are more affectionate. My 3 year old Cairn is extremely affectionate and cuddly. Our obedience trainer told me, "Don't expect this one to be a lap dog" and my husband and I laugh about that comment all the time because Gus would rather sit on my lap, shoulder, or cuddle next to me than be anywhere else.
As to being with larger dogs, our Cairn gets along just fine with our cattle dog/greyhound mix. But we brought him home as a puppy, and she was very "maternal" with him. I have found that he does okay with larger dogs as long as they don't try to stand over him or straddle him, as some dogs like to. Then, he gets very angry and I am concerned he might start a fight. He has never bitten animal or person, hasn't even growled, though, so I think he would just make noise.


Barked: Wed Jul 15, '09 6:16pm PST 
A bigger dog should be fine but just so others who might be reading this know, don't bring a smaller dog or puppy into an established Cairn's territory. My cousin used to breed Cairns and she got a male puppy to go with her older females. She didn't separate them and one day when she came home from work, one of the females, well I'll spare you the details but even after the expensive emergency operation, he died. Moral of the story: don't leave a smaller dog around an older Cairn.

Barked: Sun Jul 26, '09 6:53pm PST 
We adopted a female cairn terrier just under 2 yrs old and have had her 2 weeks now. She wants to cuddle all the time! Wherever we are, she is in one of our laps. It was very hard to teach her she couldn't sleep in bed with us since she is very persuasive and charming! But she's now used to her little bed next to us. I have owned other dogs, but never a cairn and I'm delighted with her intelligence! It is far greater than I ever expected! We are totally in love with her already!

Where's the- Ball?! Throw- the ball!!!
Barked: Mon Jul 27, '09 2:45pm PST 
waveHi, Lucy! Are you going to go for obedience classes? My sister, Tessa, and I had lots of fun at the classes and learned really quick! Ma gives us little refresher lessons sometimes and we love to do it and get extra treats!puppy Plus, Ma can communitcate with us better, we learned lots of words.

Barked: Mon Sep 21, '09 12:18pm PST 
Xena is quite the cuddler. I guess she doesn't know that as a female Cairn she is supposed to be on the aloof side. LOL.

She has a peculiar love for feet...when I walk in she winds in and out of my legs like a cat and wants her belly rubbed...with my feet. The minute I sit anywhere she is either laying on the floor beside me or up on my lap.
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