Question to Cairn Terrier owners

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Ringo,- Jar-Jar- Binks

Jar Jar Binks- when being- goofy.
Barked: Sat Aug 16, '08 2:01am PST 
I am interested in a female Cairn Terrier and wondering how do they get along with other dogs in general, such as large male dogs?

Also from what I have read they are not much affectionate or cuddlers, are any of your babies like that?

I currently have a 7 month old male German Short Haired Pointer and looking for a small dog preferably female that is more travelable.

I'm a German- Shepard on the- inside
Barked: Thu Sep 4, '08 5:01pm PST 
In Cairn Terriers I think that males are usually more affectionate. Cairn Terriers do not like to cuddle but they will love you and want to be with you. They are still a great companion even if they don't always want to sit on your lap. When he was a puppy we could fit him him in a special bag and take him tho the mall with us.
Hope I could help,

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Barked: Mon Oct 6, '08 9:54am PST 
Not cuddlers, wow I so disagree. I have had several dogs, and my cairn is the most loving and sweetest dog ever. He loves to be with you and sits on my lap all the time. they are the most mild mannered of all the terriers. he has never bitten and goes to the dog park all the time adn plays with all the other dogs. Full of personality. I will never have anything but a cairn again.

Scotch Broom- Fiona Jones- CDRAS

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Barked: Wed Oct 8, '08 3:57pm PST 
I have had 5 Cairn Terriers so far, and 4 of them have been total love bugs. I can't sit on the couch without at least 2 on top of me.
Gilda Glenn

Barked: Sat Oct 11, '08 1:15pm PST 
You are right. The female Cairns are much more aloof than the males. I have one of each, and the boy is the cuddle bunny, My girl is sweet, but much more independent. I know many Cairn owners, and they all will say the same thing. Good luck!
Fozzie Bear

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Barked: Tue Oct 14, '08 7:41pm PST 
I'm a 3 year old male Cairn and I am quite the love bug. I'm always climbing into my person's lap.

Barked: Sat Oct 25, '08 3:44pm PST 
I may not sit on my mamma's lap.... my if she is sitting on the couch - I love to nest right behind her legs. May not be a cuddler, but definitely a snuggler.

Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 11:37am PST 
I have an 11 month old male Cairn and he is the biggest cuddle bug of all time! As soon as I sit down, he instantly hops up on my lap and curls up to sleep. He would do that all day if I let him. He's the perfect mix of cuddle bug and also loads of energy.big grin

Sleep is great!
Barked: Tue Dec 9, '08 6:26am PST 
My Cairn female is 4 yrs. old. She would much rather sit with her daddy than her mommy. If daddy isn't home, she'll sit on the couch with me, but she won't allow me to cuddle with her. She'd rather lay on my legs or on top of the couch so she can look out the window and find small animals to bark at.

I also have a 1 yr. old Cairn/Chihuahua mix. She is horribly affectionate. She is only interested in using us for our body heat, I'm convinced, but she does love to snuggle. I suspect that's the Chihuahua in her though.

We had a 15 yr. old Male Cairn pass away last year. He was bar none the most affectionate animal I have ever seen. If he could snuggle inside of my body, he would have!

I hope that helps you with your question.

These dogs, no matter how affectionate or not, are great dogs. I'd own 40 Cairns if I could. They are smart, strong-willed and a ton of fun. With kids, they are a bit leery, but they have never nipped at or hurt a child. Sofia (the purebred) will usually leave the room and hide until children have vacated the premesis. She doesn't like loud noise either. I also suspect that might be because they don't see kids a whole lot. My Cairn/Chihuahua mix LOVES kids. She's a big kisser and will make sure that no face remain unclean! Again, I'm not sure if that's the Chihuahua in her or not.

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Barked: Fri Feb 20, '09 1:39am PST 
cairn terriers in typically are independent so don't expect to have a lap dog...but some like to cuddle...I own two and they love bigger dogs ...they play with my sister in laws boxer almost every day...and usually boss him around
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