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Barked: Sun Jun 29, '08 8:45pm PST 
Does anyone else's Cairn love to swim? Einstien does, he is even learning to boogie board!

I am the- principessa!!
Barked: Sat Jul 12, '08 7:44pm PST 
Dida likes to wade. She used to bite the waves at the river beach when she was a pup.

annabel had a- tooth extracted- today :(
Barked: Wed Jul 16, '08 7:46pm PST 
annabel was not a fan of water in the past. when we first moved to michigan we took her to the lake where she ran up and down the shoreline chasing waves, but never actually went in the water. this year we have been able to coax her in by throwing sticks in the shallowest water close to the shoreline, it is the first time we have ever seen her swim!

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Barked: Sun Jul 20, '08 1:41pm PST 
we have a pool and it's hard keeping me out. i jump right in. i love water. snoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopy

I'm a German- Shepard on the- inside
Barked: Thu Sep 4, '08 5:03pm PST 
Angus will wade and swim up to me a few times but then he just runs around on shore.snoopy

Barked: Sun Sep 28, '08 1:17pm PST 
As you can see by Digger's picture - he only gets in the water up to his carriage. He is usually barking, growling, and trying to bite the rushing water. Not sure what that is all about but he's happy so who cares. He also has his own baby pool and is not happy unless someone is splashing the water.

Barked: Wed Jul 15, '09 5:57pm PST 
Wow, so I guess my dog is unusual because he HATES water! When he was going to stay with my Aunt and Uncle who have a pool, we made sure he could swim and how to get out if he fell in but he just couldn't stand being in the water!