Hey fellow cairns lets go!

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Annabelle Lea

Aarrooo- , lets- play.
Barked: Sun Apr 15, '07 3:57pm PST 
I like this thread a lot! thanks hq! I am going to my group cairn talk and anounce this thread!partycheercheercheercheercheercheer
♥- ROXI- ♥

Devil- Dog
Barked: Sun Apr 15, '07 7:04pm PST 
oh annie, we knew we would find you here.


Murphy- (Ozdogz- Minstral- McLoch

Where's- mom?
Barked: Sun Apr 15, '07 10:34pm PST 
laugh out loud Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Two of my favorite Cairn girlies are herehailhail way to goway to go
I'd better go get that announcement for the April Bonnet Bonanza in case....(just in case) any Cairns get ambitious and want to join in!!!
Meanwhile Girls....let all your friends know , ok....and they don't have to be Cairns!

applauselove ya girlies! The Murph man

Annabelle Lea

Aarrooo- , lets- play.
Barked: Mon Apr 16, '07 5:04am PST 
Hey course I am herebig grin Cairns rule, other dogs drool!!! Have you not heard?
Good Idea Murph Man to post the bonanza here. We need more entries!
Whooo Hoooo!
cheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheer cheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheer
Just kiddin other pups, in case you read this. I love you all.hugwave
Annabelle Lea

Aarrooo- , lets- play.
Barked: Mon Apr 16, '07 4:32pm PST 
O.k. you Cairns come out of the woodwork! We want to hear from you. I know you are all beautiful, busy, doing shows, agility, etc. so come on and post. Let us hear from you.way to go
Bertie (Forever Loved)

Chill out
Barked: Thu Apr 19, '07 10:24am PST 
Hi Fellow Cairns.
So this is where you have all been hiding big laughbig laugh
So here we are from over the pond dancingdancing
You can't have all the Girlies Murphman. cheercheer
The English gentlemen are here now winkwink

Catch ya later
Luv & licks from Bertie & Eddddddddddie XX wavewave
Eddie (Forever Loved)

Eat & have fun
Barked: Fri Apr 20, '07 12:31pm PST 
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Itzzzzzzzzzzz meeeeeeeeeeee.
Wheeeereeeeeeeeezzzzzz myyyyyyy Raggggggggggie red facered facered face
cummmmmmm on Raggggggggie donttt be shyyyyyyyconfusedconfused
Byyyyyyyyyyeeee & luvvv & lickzzzzzzz frommm Eddddddie XXXXXXXXXXx laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

Cairnattitude - My Way!!
Barked: Sat Apr 28, '07 10:30am PST 
Hey fellow corn terrors! My mom has been so busy and tired, she hasn't kept up with being my secretary very well. Glad to see old friends and acquaintances here. snoopy
Ms Sheba-In- Loving- Memory 1/09

Happy & Healthy- New Year 2010
Barked: Tue May 1, '07 1:37pm PST 
Cassie I didnt know that you posted here how have you been Girl this is a pretty cool place for us cairns someplace to call our own . You sure are looking good .Lets chat sometime....wavewavewave Did you see the gorgeous guys above us that are posting too what hunks.....Ms Sheba

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Barked: Wed May 30, '07 10:02am PST 
So nice to see other Cairns! Is anyone in Atlanta?
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