Am I A Mastiff?

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Barked: Sat Jun 9, '12 10:40pm PST 
Ok... so I adopted a puppy back at the beginning of May. He is black with a white spot on his chest. I was told he was a Pit mix. I wanted a pit and I just couldn't help but take this guy in. When I got him he was 8 weeks and weighed 15lbs. Currently he is 28lbs and not even 3 months. He will be on the 18th. I did some research on him and he looks like every pit/mastiff that I could find. I found pictures of pit/mastiff pups that looked just like they could be his twins. He is tall now standing at about 16 inches, he was at about 12inches or less when I got him. He has massive feet, his feet could be the size of a 50lb dogs. My mom had a friend over and she said he looks like he has mastiff in him since she used to breed them. So far he is getting taller and lanky, his legs make up for most of him. He is lazy loves to sleep and eat. He doesn't bark at all. Not one peep. I just wanted to know if you see mastiff in him? For the longest time people were telling me that he was a lab. He looks nothing like a lab. But basically I was just interested if you all see some bull mastiff in him? I do see the pit and he does have some mastiff traits. But why not ask for second opinions? So please share any thoughts or opinions smile