help and advice very much needed!

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Hi all, im new to this site and I have joined for some help and info on my bullmastiff! My partner and I have an 11 month old bullmastiff dog, who we have owned for approx 2-3 months, he had 1 previous owner who had to sell him due to personal circumstances, so we took him on. We have never owned a mastiff before but we do have an 14 month old boxer, and I have always had a mixture of different dogs since a young age. When we initially got him we was of the understanding he was fully house trained, good with other dogs and quite active, unfotunately this is not the case. As much as we have tried with training etc there just doesnt appear to be much of an improvement! He at times still does his business indoors, he always wants to fight with our other dog, he is unbelieveably stubborn and doesnt listen to commands, he appears to lack a personality and be a little dosile at times, and only cares for food! On top of this he is insistant on waking up at 7 every morning barking for food! Yet in stating this and being such an animal lover I still adore him! Unfortunately my partner does not, which is causing issues and he wants to get rid of him! I cant think what we are doing wrong if anything! He is fed an excellent diet, well cared for, has regular exercise and interaction with us,and is very healthy. Any input would be greatly appreciated before its too late. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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I know your pain!!! I have two bullmastiffs, a female who is 6 yrs old and her son who is 18 months. I personally believe they are the most amazing dogs I have ever known. I love them more everyday, but they can be trying. To answer your questions, you didn't say what sex your boxer is, generally bullys don't do well with dogs of the same sex. As far as waking you up at 7am, you're lucky mine wake me at 6am!!LOL. I know with mine it is a combination of having to go bathroom and being hungry. If this is the same for you make sure you take him out the last thing before you go to bed. As for the hungry part you might try giving a little bit of food at night about hour before bedtime (this will give him a chance to go to bathroom an hour later). This breed of dog really does want to please it's Master, but they also have minds of their own! I guess the key is to get him to see that following your requests is in his best interest. I would recommend a book "Don't Shoot The Dog", it is about how to condition him to work with you. Also I am sure you have already tried it, but I have found that small pieces of food and a clicker go a long to train my dogs to do what I want them to do. Getting him to do what you want him to do is also about huge amounts of praise when he does it right(especially with this breed!). To be honest, my dogs sometimes frustrate the hell out of me, but then I realize (because the life span of this breed)I only have a limited time with them and in the end I won't really care about the past issues. I just look in their big brown eyes and love them with everything I got!!!