Underweight BullMastiff

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I have a 25 week old Bullmastiff, I was told she was purebred (I have no idea if she is or not) She seems very slim to me. She is approx. 23 inches tall and 60 pounds.

She has been dewormed, vet said he was not overly worried (But I live in a rural community and he is much more of a cow vet)

I am feeding her Horizon Complete feed large dog puppy food, which you can find on a google search but it has 28% protien and 14% fat. They reccommend feeding her 3 cups a day. I am feeding her 4, 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM.

When I feed her she doesn't even chew her food she just vaccums it all up and then begs for more. I don't want to over feed her and risk causing hip displasia (sp?)

I have pictures of her but have no idea how to post them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am stressing myself over this.

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Hi there! I too have a 23 month old bullmastiff who is all legs and only 66 pounds. Our vet was not concerned because her body size is proportionate to the size of her feet, width of her hips etc.
During her check-up last fall, she weighed 77 pounds and he said this was far too much as she was starting to lose her waist and was starting to look a bit chubby. smile He said for her body size (sort of petite, probably like yours) she should be a max 70 pounds at any given date.
We don't remember her looking like the 'runt' of the litter and both of her parents were nearly 100 pounds so, we're not sure why she is so small but we love her just the same! Plus, she's that much easier to hoist into the bed for snuggle time. smile